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Kumkum Bhagya: A Look At All The Heartwarming Scenes When Abhi-Pragya Met After 20 Years Of Separation

Aditi Sharma

February 11, 2021

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This Valentine’s Day, take a look at these beautiful moments when Abhi met Pragya after 20 years!

Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi and Pragya’s chemistry is much loved by the audience. When the duo met at the start of the show, they fought with each other. They were completely opposite to each other however they eventually found their ways and fell in love ultimately. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, let’s take a look at the moment when the duo met after 20 years of staying apart from each other.

Pragya and Abhi got separated from each other after Abhi accused her of killing their own daughter. Abhi and Pragya met after twenty years at a construction site near Abhi’s office. It was at the construction site where they saw each other and reminisced all the good moments they have spent together. However, Pragya realises that they have promised to stay away and is about to leave when Abhi gets injured. She saves Abhi and takes him to the hospital.

Abhi and Pragya’s separation was devastating for them as well as for their fans. However, Pragya and Abhi had beautiful chemistry. They shared several beautiful moments together. Take a look, right from their early days to recent times!

Abhi and Pragya come close to each other 

While playing a game of tug of war with family, Abhi and Pragya realize that they love each other however they hesitate to confess. Eventually, the rope falls and Abhi-Pragya comes close to each other. They make eye contact while other family members watch them with all the affection.

Abhi tries to kiss Pragya

At the start of the show, Abhi didn’t like Pragya, however, when he tries to go on a date with someone else, Pragya comes there and he tries to get close to each other. He even tries to kiss her and she gets stunned.

Abhi brings flowers for Pragya

When Pragya got angry with Abhi, she found her in a drunk state at a bar. Abhi tries to get close to her however, she takes him home and leaves. The next morning, Abhi comes to the house where Pragya brought him. He thinks that no matter how hard Pragya tries to ignore him, he will not stop loving her. He tries to find Pragya but leave the flowers at the doorstep as he fails to find her. Pragya gets the flowers and she instantly feels that Abhi brought those for her.

Though Abhi and Pragya got separated for a long time, the love between them never changed. Even post their reunion, they shared the same chemistry.

Abhi takes Pragya in his arms

When Abhi married Pragya instead of Meera, he took Pragya in his arms and got married to her. He also showered love on her after they got married.


Abhi express his feelings to Pragya

Abhi and Pragya stay in a room after getting married. Abhi takes Pragya in his arms and confesses his feelings to her. He says that he loves her and always wanted to be with her. Pragya then blushes after listening to him.

To witness the magic of Abhi and Pragya’s chemistry, check out all their romantic videos from Kumkum Bhagya here.

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