Khasma Nu Khani 27 October 2021 Upcoming Story: Ranveer Duggal faces a media trial

After the video Armaan intended to make public hits the social media, will Desho’s faith in Ranveer Duggal deter? Or will she support him more than before and help him prove his innocence as was her resolve?


October 26, 2021

Khasma Nu Khani

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In the next episode, the journalist arrives at the office as Armaan makes his doctored video public in an attempt to frame Ranveer Duggal. Soon enough, a journalist arrives at the office of Duggal Food Chains and accuses Ranveer Duggal of a heinous crime that he did not commit. The journalist takes a jibe at Desho for still siding with her husband and gives Ranveer Duggal a chance to state his side of the story.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Ranveer Duggal returns home from the prison and urges Desho to leave his house for good. Simple awaits Armaan to show up and help her end the ‘Karva Chauth’ fast. She calls Siya for a piece of advice and gets dismissed as Ranveer Duggal divulges the truth about giving divorce papers to Desho. However, Desho tries to talk him out of his decision to end their marriage. Elsewhere, Simple gets annoyed on noticing Armaan spending time with Minnie without her knowledge. Simple interjects the rites and picks a fight with Armaan over giving more importance to Minnie. Armaan learns about Ranveer Duggal’s bail and storms out of his house not heeding Simple’s fast. Ranveer Duggal regrets asking Desho to leave his life and home for good. Soon, Mrs Duggal questions Ranveer Duggal’s decision.

Ranveer Duggal tries to justify his actions but Mrs Duggal tries to snap him back to his senses as Desho laments her fate. Later, Ranveer Duggal tells his mother that he does not wish for Desho to be associated with him and sabotage her career because of his ill-repute. Devika meets Armaan in secrecy and gets worried about her future. Armaan tries to downplay Devika’s situation in an effort to discourage her from confessing in front of Ranveer Duggal’s family. He goes on to coerce Devika about making her phone recording public and urges her to comply with him. Mrs Duggal expresses her disappointment to Desho and hopes for her to find her way back into Ranveer Duggal’s life. Well along, Desho decides to await Ranveer Duggal to accompany her for the culmination of her fast by feeding her water. Eventually, she faints and falls into Ranveer Duggal’s arms.

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