Kenya: Rescue Operation Carried Out To Save 8 Giraffes From An Island Surrounded By Crocodiles

In Kenya, a rescue operation was carried out to save giraffes from crocodiles.

Isha Khatu

December 11, 2020

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In Kenya, a rescue operation was carried out by the African Wildlife Foundation in order to move 8 giraffes from an island surrounded by crocodiles. The rescue team worked hard like an army force on their duty. The rescue operation was extremely important as the species of giraffes is endangered. Take a look at how they saved the giraffes.

Rescue operation carried out in Kenya to protect Giraffes 

In 2011, 8 giraffes were bought to the area around Lake Baringo in Western Kenya. They were bought here to be protected in this isolated area and for their population to increase, considering the species is endangered. Rothschild giraffes also known as northern giraffes are less than 800 in Kenya and 2000 around the world. The recent heavy rains in Kenya caused the lake’s size to increase. This rose the number of crocodiles in the area cutting off a huge piece of land which was supposed to be occupied by the giraffes.

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Responding to this, the African Wildlife Foundation and the local community members planned a rescue operation for these giraffes. They decided to take these animals to a fenced sanctuary which is almost 6 km away from that area. They had to first find giraffes on the entire land. However, in the beginning, the could only find one and decided to rescue him. The Asiva giraffe was first tied and controlled in order to move it till the raft. Once he was moved into the raft, his blindfold was released so he could enjoy the view of the other islands and the lake.

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He was then moved on the raft to the sanctuary so he has enough place to move around and live. The raft was covered from all sides to ensure the safety of the animal. Once they reached the dry island, they released Asiva to live there. Until now, they have rescued only 2 giraffes and will be rescuing the remaining 6 in the next few months. The rescue team seemed extremely happy after rescuing the two giraffes. “Fortunately, the action started fantastically as Asiva was the most endangered giraffe on the island. The Ruko community is now happy that the giraffe is safe. We hope that everything will go well in the days ahead,” David O’Connor the of Save Giraffes Now told Newsweek.

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