Kangana Ranaut’s Thailavii From Making ₹1.25 Cr On Day 1

Controversies in Kangana Ranaut’s life make more noise than her film, Thalaivii. The film opens to low collections.


September 11, 2021


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When Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivii was announced everyone was expecting it be one of the biggest magnum opus to hit the silver screen. Kangana Ranaut had gone on record to say that it is her big film that will ensure that the audiences will come back into the theatres. Something Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar movies couldn’t do….

Unfortunately the film has opened to a disappointing opening collection. The film, directed by AL Vijay, is based on the life of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. And according to the latest reports, Thalaivii garnered an all-India collection of ₹1.25 crore. The movie performed better in the South Indian markets as against the Hindi circuits.

In the Hindi Centres, the film’s estimated collection ranges between ₹20 to 25 lakhs. Ironically, the highest contribution comes from northern states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Thalaivii performed better in Tamil Nadu, boasting a box office collection of ₹80 lakh. Thalaivii, was not released in Maharashtra as the state government is yet to reopen cinema halls since the second Covid-19 wave.

Since the onset of her film release Kangana has been requesting any and everyone to discourage American and English films in India, instead encourage, films closer home. Speaking about the same, it is reported that Kangana stated, “We need to discourage American and English movies as they are taking over our screens. We need to behave like one nation. We need to stop dividing ourselves like North India or South India. We need to enjoy our own films first, be it Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu or Punjabi.” The actress went onto say that we do not give dubbed Malayalam film a change but encourage dubbed versions of Lion King and Jungle Book. She added, “This will not work in our favour. We must keep our people and our industry our priority. This is the way to make an Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

Well, eventually we might get where Kangana wants her audience to be, but if her films continue to perform as badly, the achche din Kangana is hoping for might be a distant dream for the actress.

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