Kamya Punjabi Slams Sneha Wagh After She Makes Shocking Revelations About Her Failed Marriages; ‘I Can Get The Facts Out’, Says Kamya

Sneha Wagh reveals that she was tortured in her second marriage, and faced domestic violence in her first one. Kamya Punjabi takes a dig at the actress about the same


September 22, 2021

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Sneha Wagh is a television actress who is well known for her performance in TV shows such as Jyoti and Chandrashekar. On Sunday, she has entered the famous Marathi reality show along with other contestants. For an unversed, Sneha Wagh has been married twice. On the show, Sneha revealed that she was tortured in her second marriage, and witnessed domestic violence in her first one.

Kamya Punjabi was quick to react to the revelation made by Sneha Wagh regarding her marriages. Kamya took to her Twitter handle and slammed the contestant. In the tweet she wrote, “Bull f****** s*** you wanted to get into Bigg Boss, good. You did. But why play a victim card? Don’t know about your first marriage but you dare not make these stories about the second one. Just for the sake of the game! I can get the facts out, you know it very well! Goodluck! Don’t play it dirty @the_sneha #BiggBossMarathi.”


Sneha Wagh first got married to actor Avishkar Darvhekar at the age of 19.   After some years, she divorced Avishkar after allegedly facing domestic violence in the marriage. Interestingly, Avishkar Darvhekar is also a contestant on the same reality show. Later in 2017, she got married to Anurag Solanki, who is an interior designer by profession. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted for only eight months. They are not legally separated yet but stay apart from each other.

Sneha’s ex-husband Anurag also took to his Twitter handle and wrote about the same. His tweet reads, “Thank u kamya! I m so shocked people can stoop 2 such a level 4a game show. I don’t wish 2 say anything except one request whenever u come out @the_sneha I would like u 2 show me n the world the proof of me torturing you even once #BiggBossMarathi P.S I m the 2nd husband.”


In 2017, Sneha Wagh talked about her failed marriages to a leading news portal. While talking about she said that the men to whom she got married weren’t wrong, but neither they were accurate for her. Calling herself a headstrong girl she went on to say that her first marriage failed because of domestic violence. After two failed marriages she has realized that men don’t like headstrong women. Sneha also added that she has a soft nature and is also fragile. Even a minor glitch can scar her is what she further said.

Sneha Wagh went on to add that she feels that marriage is not meant for her. It is in fact over-hyped is what she said. Sneha also said that in society it is thought that only men can take care of the family, but that is not true. She feels that she is confident and capable of taking care of her family alone without any other support.

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