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Jothe Jotheyali 28 December 2021 Written Update: Mansi suspects Aryavardhan


December 28, 2021

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When Aryavardhan talks to Sharada Devi about the similarities between Anu and Rajanandini, Mansi overhears this conversation and grows suspicious of Aryavardhan.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Ramya and Sampath visit Anu’s house. Anu goes speechless when Sampath questions her about the secret room. At the office, Aryavardhan is surprised when Meer asks him out for dinner. Later, Anu waits for Aryavardhan’s arrival for lunch.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Mansi is surprised when Aryavardhan serves food to everyone, including Anu’s friends. Aryavardhan and Anu are delighted when Ramya and Sampath praise the food prepared by Anu. At the office, Meera is surprised on seeing Harshavardhan in Aryavardhan’s cabin. Meera gets upset when Harshavardhan reveals that Aryavardhan has gone to the house. Harshavardhan also praises Anu in front of Meera and states that she is the one who made him a responsible person. Meera decides to use the excuse of returning the phone to meet Aryavardhan. Elsewhere, Sampath’s words make Anu and the others burst out laughing. When Ramya and Sampath hesitate, Anu convinces them to allow Aryavardhan’s driver to drop them home.

Jhende is surprised when he finds Aryavardhan’s phone in Meera’s cabin. Meera gets upset when Jhende decides to return the phone to Aryavardhan. Meanwhile, Aryavardhan is surprised when Anu apologises to him for suspecting him. Aryavardhan’s trust in her makes Anu emotional. Anu reveals how she suspected that Aryavardhan may break the promise he gave to her of joining her and her friends for lunch. On seeing Anu upset, Aryavardhan reassures her and teases her to cheer her up.

Sampath expresses his happiness about being dropped home in a car. He and Ramya discuss Anu and her new house. Furthermore, they talk about how they suspected Aryavardhan for no reason. Sharada Devi thanks Aryavardhan for joining her for lunch by taking time from his busy schedule. On seeing that Aryavardhan is distracted, Sharada Devi questions him about the same. Sharada Devi is surprised when Aryavardhan states that Anu’s words and behaviour remind him of Rajanandini. Jhende overhears this conversation and is left shocked and decides to intervene. Mansi overhears Aryavardhan’s conversation and grows suspicious of him. While leaving the house, Jhende is shocked when Aryavardhan whistles a specific tune.

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