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Jothe Jotheyali 14 January 2022 Written Update: Anu’s birthdate surprises Sharada Devi


January 13, 2022

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While talking about his shop’s profit, Subbu talks about Anu being his lucky charm, but Sharada Devi is shocked when she learns that Anu was born 9 months after Rajanandini’s death.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aryavardhan is elated when Anu decides to take a break from work. But is shocked when she arrives at the office to wrap up pending work. On learning about Anu’s meeting with Rajesh, Aryavardhan asks her to stay away from Rajesh.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, at night, Pushpa expresses her tiredness of handling all the household chores, to which Subbu suggests a day out. Subbu tells Pushpa how his shop’s profit has increased after they got the new deal. At the house, Manda praises Anu for the meal that she prepares. Sharada Devi is surprised when Subbu and Pushpa arrive at her house. Anu is elated by their arrival. Harshavardhan and Mansi welcome them to their house and indirectly mock them about how they don’t have many guests visiting their house.

Anu goes to call Aryavardhan to meet her parents but is shocked when she finds him locked in the secret room. She hesitates to call out to Aryavardhan as she recalls his initial reaction. Sharada Devi is surprised when Pushpa and Subbu give her, Harshavardhan and Mansi a few gifts. When Mansi questions about what Aryavardhan is doing, Anu lies in front of her parents that he is busy with an international conference call. Sharada Devi praises Subbu and talks about how he must have been getting profits in his work.

When Pushpa tries to follow Anu, Mansi takes Pushpa to a corner as she wishes to talk to her. Mansi talks about how initially she hated Pushpa but is shocked when Pushpa states the same about her. Mansi then tells Pushpa about how Aryavardhan spends a lot of time in the secret room and how Anu is lying to her. On asked by Harshavardhan, Subbu talks about how after Rajanandini’s death his shop faced a huge loss but how his shop earned profit when Anu was born and how she is his lucky charm. Sharada Devi is surprised when Subbu tells her that Anu was born 9 months after Rajanandini’s death. Aryavardhan is surprised on seeing Anu waiting for him outside the secret room. Anu tells him about Subbu and Pushpa’s visit. Subbu is elated when Aryavardhan arrives to meet them. When Aryavardhan suggests Anu to take leave from work and spend time with her parents. When Aryavardhan leaves for work, Mansi comments about how he did not want Anu to visit the office. Later, Anu thinks about meeting Rajesh’s family as Aryavardhan does not wish that she meet Rajesh.

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