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Jothe Jotheyali 13 January 2022 Written Update: Anu decides to take a break from work


January 12, 2022

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Aryavardhan is elated but hides his excitement when Anu states her decision of taking a break from the office and staying at home to handle the household chores.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aryavardhan is elated when he sees the heart-shaped laddoo prepared by Anu. Ramya overhears as Mansi mocks Anu’s romantic gesture. Later, Anu blushes as Sharada Devi and Pushpa talk about grandchildren.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Pushpa is elated when the occultist arrives at her house, but her happiness is short-lived when the occultist warns Subbu and Pushpa about the dangers that surround Anu. Pushpa assumes Rajanandini to be the cause of Anu’s troubles. Elsewhere, Anu praises the saree selected by Aryavardhan. Anu and Aryavardhan then tease each other about the love between a couple and how they love each other more each passing day. Anu feels shy when Aryavardhan tries to kiss her and he teases her about the same.

Aryavardhan is surprised when Anu states her wish to stay home and asks him to not object to her decision. Aryavardhan hides his delight about Anu’s decision. At the office, during a meeting, Meera questions Aryavardhan about Anu’s whereabouts. Aryavardhan states that Anu will mostly not be visiting the office on a daily basis, leaving Meera delighted. Furthermore, Meera and Aryavardhan are shocked when Anu arrives at the office for the meeting. Anu apologises to everyone for the delay in her arrival.

Meanwhile, Rajesh, a union leader in the Vardhan company, waits for Anu’s arrival in her cabin. Jhende is shocked on seeing him and questions him about his presence in the office. Aryavardhan questions Anu about her arrival in the office to which she reveals that she came to wrap up pending work. Aryavardhan indirectly tries to tell Anu to stay home and leave the office work to him. When Anu again showcases her determination to catch the culprit committing fraud in their company, Aryavardhan gets uneasy. Anu meets Rajesh and her questions about the mismatch in the company expenses make Rajesh uneasy. Aryavardhan is shocked when Jhende informs him about Anu’s meeting with Rajesh. Later, Anu is shocked when Aryavardhan asks her to not meet Rajesh again.

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