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If Karan-Preeta Becomes A Comedy Couple; Will They Be As Impressive As Deep And Zoya?

Aditi Sharma

November 27, 2020

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Comedy Couple Deep and Zoya have entertained the audience with their on-stage performance and off-stage relationship problems. But what if Karan and Preeta be in Deep and Zoya’s shoes. It would be more fun! check out.

ZEE5 Original film, Comedy Couple was released on October 21. The story revolves around two people Deep and Zoya who are known as the comedy couple. The couple performs stand-up comedy together as they mock about relationship problems and how they deal with it. The ZEE show Kundali Bhagya’s Preeta and Karan share the same kind of bond as Deep and Zoya. Karan’s humour and Preeta’s intelligence make them a perfect pair to remake the show Comedy Couple. Let’s have a quick glimpse of all the similarities between Preeta-Karan and Zoya-Deep.

Humour is the essence of every relationship

Zoya and Deep’s relationship has an element of humour to it. Even when they are not performing, they tend to joke and often make the other one go LOL. In the case of Karan and Preeta, they too love teasing each other or mock to make each other laugh. Be it Karan’s humour or Preeta’s witty ways to tease Karan, their relationship also has a beautiful element of humour.

Kundali Bhagya
Source: ZEE5

What’s love without cute squabbles?

Cute squabbles always make a relationship better. Be it Zoya and Deep fighting after they are caught kissing in the lift or Karan and Preeta fighting for AC remote, cute squabbles between these couples make the audience drool over their chemistry. These fights have only made PreeRan’s relationship stronger just like it did in Zoya and Deep’s case.

Kundali Bhagya
Source: ZEE5

Standing up for your partner in every situation is important 

Zoya stood for Deep when he needed her. She also supported him throughout everything. Interestingly, Preeta also supported Karan in every condition. Be it the time when Mahira decided to ruin Karan’s family or when she was finally married to him. Preeta even stood like a pillar for Karan after he married her against her will.

Lies ruin relationships

Preeta and Karan not only resemble Zoya and Deep in positive aspects but negative too. Zoya and Deep’s relationship was shattered after Deep lied to her and it ruined everything. Likewise, when Karan wrongfully married Preeta, she was affected and after he left her on an abandoned road, she was completely devastated. Preeta also married Karan without his will and lied to everyone. This ruined Karan at the start when he got to know that Preeta did wrong but later he eventually accepted her.

Still from Kundali Bhagya with Karan
Source: ZEE5

Love is all about enjoying small moments

Zoya and Deep enj0yed every moment when they were on a spree to find a perfect place to live. They also enjoyed being on stage together and not to forget the kiss in the lift. Talking about intimate moments, even Preeta and Karan have shared several good and romantic moments together. Be it that steaming shower romance or that goofy conversation on Muh-Dikhayi. Be it Deep-Zoya or Karan-Preeta, celebrating love through small moments makes their relationship beautiful and amazing.

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