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HPL Roast: From Uncleji ka Bouncer to Football vs T20, Here’s How HPL Roast Tickles Your Funny Bone

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November 3, 2020

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HiPi’s HPL roast videos here to tickle your funny bones. HPL Roast presents rib-tickling banter between all kinds of cricket lovers and non-followers of the game

HiPi‘s  HPL Roast series started with ‘Uncleji Ka Tadka’ on October 18, 2020, and ever since, has left us wanting more. The witty series follows light-hearted bantering, sometimes between two cricket lovers and sometimes between a lover and a non-lover of the game. 

The series of humorous face-offs captures endearingly, what we love about the game and reminds us why India worships cricket. Be it ‘Girlfriend Ka Over’ or ‘Cricket ka Tadka’, the videos have hit over 9 lakh views on social media. With ‘Uncleji Ka Tadka’, the video explores a repartee between a middle-aged man and a young boy where they debate upon the best format of cricket. 

The second video ‘Girlfriend ka Over’ takes us through the banter of a young couple where they roast each other while comparing the other to the game. The third video, ‘Cricket ka Tadka’ is all about a couple of friends taking on each other using similarities between cooking and T20, while the fourth video, ‘Football vs T20’ is about fun jesting between a cricket lover and a football lover.  The HPL Roast series has been all about bringing out the fun in cricket. 

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HiPi Premier League’s roast has left us all in tickles and united all followers and non-followers of the game. These videos have seen an overwhelming response on all platforms and are driving people towards HiPi. With HiPi, people are now given a chance to win exciting prizes up to Rs. 10 lakhs every day, from Paytm vouchers, ZEE5 annual premium subscriptions to Samsung mobile phones. HiPi has been instrumental in creating a second screen experience during the crazy cricket season 

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More about HiPi

HiPi is India’s own digital content creation platform where one can short videos that reach the world. With HiPi Premier League, the app launches its first IP since its inception in August 2020. The fan-favourite application has already seen a boom in its user base with about 21mn news user installs, with 43mn existing ZEE5 users upgrading to HiPi. The short video platform has already witnessed 10k+ hours of short-form content being created across genres such as sports, comedy, and Bollywood, with maximum engagement coming from Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. Users can now win exciting prizes up to Rs. 10 lakhs every day, from Paytm vouchers, ZEE5 annual premium subscriptions to Samsung mobile phones. 

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