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Holi 2021: Some happy scenes from Carbon, Thattumpurath Achuthan and more to make your day brighter

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March 21, 2021

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Here are some of the happy scenes from some Malayalam films that you can stay in and watch on this Holi to make your day even brighter.

Holi is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for it. We all love celebrating the festival of colours and have found multiple ways to enjoy the occasion. While many love to go out and spend the whole day having fun, some like to enjoy at home with loved ones. If you fall in the latter group, here are some films to watch or re-watch 0n ZEE5 just for the pleasant, happy scenes that will make your day brighter.

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Hey Jude

Set against the scenic backdrop of Goa, Hey Jude is one movie that will surely warm anyone’s heart. Starring Nivin Pauly and Trisha Krishnan in the lead, the movie revolves around Jude, an Autism spectrum disorder patient. Jude’s journey and his personal growth after his interactions with the strangers he meets in Goa during his journey make up the movie’s story. The movie is filled with some light-hearted and beautiful scenes, but there is one that simply stands out. Jude, who rarely connects to anyone, befriends Crystal and the scene is magical. Set on the beach, the duo’s conversation about bettering oneself and sharing emotions is sure to make you smile wide. The duo’s rapport is something that shines brightly throughout the rest of the movie.

Nivin Pauly and Trisha Krishnan in Hey Jude
Nivin Pauly and Trisha Krishnan in Hey Jude (Source: ZEE5)


How about going on a journey with an ambitious man who is ready to go to any extent to find a treasure? Carbon starring Fahadh Faasil and Mamta Mohandas revolves around Sibi, who wants to become rich in quick time. Running away from his disappointed parents, he takes up job after job before ending up at a dilapidated old palace in a forest-ridden Cheenkannippara. Learning about the legends and myth of the place, he sets out on a journey to get a treasure hidden in the forest. The rest of the movie revolves around Sibi’s greedy and ambitious journey. So where’s the feel-good part? Right towards the end of the journey, Sibi finds himself in some of the worst situations. After losing his way in the forest, thirsty and hungry, he realises some things about him and life in general that he never knew. Apart from the grand climax of the film, the scene where he personifies the thoughts in his mind is a gem to watch.

Fahadh Faasil and Mamata Mohandas in Carbon
Fahadh Faasil and Mamata Mohandas in Carbon (Source: ZEE5)

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Children’s Park

Directed by Shafi, Children’s Park starring Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Dhruvan and Sharafudheen tells the funny story of three friends who try to find the meaning of their life. An out-and-out comedy, the film is a laugh riot. However, the film goes on to a thrilling path towards the latter half and offers a huge pay-off for the viewers. The scenes where the spoilt brats understand their virtues and embrace the duties in hand are sure to make anyone smile. The scenes where they truly understand the orphaned children at the institution is an uplifting scene, sure to make you happy.

Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Dhruvan and Sharafudheen in Children's Park
Sharafudheen, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, and Dhruvan in Children’s Park (Source: ZEE5)

Thattumpurath Achuthan

How about some old-fashioned romance for the day? Thattumpurath Achuthan is an unconventional take on a love story between two Krishna devotees, Jaya and Achuthan. The movie by director Lal Jose is a take on a man’s journey to find his own redemption by helping others. However, what surely stays with us is the beautiful song sequence ‘Nenjinullilaake’ from the movie. The song embodies all the feel-good moments from the movie and the duo’s innocence makes it a beautiful sequence to watch. Kunchako Boban and Sravana’s chemistry is the cherry on top of the pie.

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