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HiPi Star Hunt: 6 Ways To Nail Your Star Hunt Auditions And Win The Competition

Tanvi Dhote

November 23, 2020

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Do you want to star in ZEE5 Original or become the face HiPi? Here’s how you can ace the HiPi’s Star Hunt audition and achieve your dreams.

HiPi is ZEE5’s short video content platform that provides ample amount of entertainment and allows you to gain popularity with your original content. But now, HiPi has taken a step further than just providing entertainment. If you want to see yourself in any ZEE5 Original and be the face of HiPi, all you need to do is to participate in the Star Hunt challenge right now. Here’s how you can deliver an impressive audition that will increase your chances of becoming a Star.

1. Dance

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If you are planning to dazzle people with your Star Hunt audition, start moving. Dance is an important skill that will help you gain many brownie points. So put your dancing shoes, choose your favourite song, and start dancing.

2. A monologue

A monologue is another way to leave a lasting impression for the HiPi Star Hunt. Simply choose your favourite monologue from your favourite film. Start practicing and once you are ready, hit that record button. Don’t worry you can record the video multiple times before you send the final clip you are confident about.

3. A small sketch

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Do you want to show your multiple talents in one video? Simply make a sketch. Reflect on your day to day life and make a small sketch. Get your dialogues right and do not forget to dress up a bit for the sketch. There you go! Your HiPi Star Hunt audition is ready.

4. A magic trick

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Does a magic trick sound weird for an audition? Well at first yes, but then you need to stand out and not get lost in the crowd. Choose a magic trick you find easy, pick your favourite background score, and most importantly charm people away with your expressions.

5. A simple lip-syncing video

Dubbing is a major part of any film and TV project. Showcase your dubbing skills and expressions with a simple lip-syncing video. Do not forget to choose a video that suits you and showcases your best self. Go ahead and choose and push that record button now!

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