Florida Man Saves his Puppy From an Alligator Who Attacked Him

A man in Florida dived into the pond to save his dog attacked by a 4 feet long alligator.

Isha Khatu

November 26, 2020

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A man in Florida rescued his puppy from the jaws of an alligator on Sunday afternoon himself. The video went viral all over the internet. In the video, he was seen wrestling with the alligator and risking his own life to save the small puppy. Take a look at the video here:

Florida man saves his puppy from alligator

On Sunday afternoon, Richard Wilbanks, 74, was walking his Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Gunner close to a pond which is near his house in Estero, Florida. He told CNN that after a while, unknowingly, an alligator came out of the pond and grabbed Gunner into the pond. He was shook and immediately reacted to the situation by getting inside the pond to save him. The camera set up near the pond by the Florida Wildlife Federation and the fSTOP Foundation captured the entire incident.

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In the video, he had a cigar in his mouth which he did not drop even a sec. He held the jaws of the alligator and separated it to let go of the puppy. The 4-foot alligator kept growling the entire time as it attacked the puppy and was being held by Richard. Richard mentioned that the alligator came out of nowhere like a snake. Gunner was immediately taken to the animal hospital. Richard was worried that there might be some internal bleeding. But the X-rays showed only some water in the lungs. However, Richard’s hands are all chewed up and he needed quick medical care. Gunner is now staying indoors with Richard and Louise as he recovers.

Florida is often under red alert when it comes to snaked and alligators. There are more 17 cameras set up in his area but such an incident never took place when it came to Florida’s wildlife. Although the alligator attacked Gunner, Richard does not want it to be removed from the lake as he believes that it is its home and it shouldn’t be taken away from there.

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Richard and his wife Louise moved to Estero 4 years ago. They recently bought the puppy Gunner after which he is never away from his master. The two are extremely close to each other. When they first bought Gunner from Miami, he snuggled with Wilbanks and they would sit on the couch for hours looking at nature outside. Their companionship was tested on Sunday and Richard showed how much he loves his puppy.

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