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Five reasons why you should watch Permanent Roommates


September 14, 2021

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One needs to watch Permanent Roommates for its comedy-cupid experience

‘Permanent Roommates’ was one of the first Indian web shows to be released on digital media and took the millennials by surprise. The show very beautifully chronicles the hardships of a new-age couple and their fun yet romantic experiences in urban living.

The web series tells the story of a young couple in a long-distance relationship, and as the play unfolds, it depicts contemporary relationship challenges. The play boasts an excellent plot and excellent performances from the main cast. Zee5 has it available to watch online

Permanent Roommates’ heartthrob 

Tanya (Nidhi Singh) and Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) had been in a long-distance relationship for three years in Permanent Roommates. Mikesh has just returned to India from the United States to propose to Tanya as the show begins. He’s kneeling with a ring in his hand, and she’s not sure what’s going on.

Simple-straightforward plot

Mikesh is a forthright person who believes he can make things work for Tanya. She thinks the two of them’s Skype versions are far too different from real life. Mikesh refuses to let go, and Tanya is powerless to stop him. While this isn’t a “yes,” it’s also not a “no,” according to her. They move in together to see if they’d still be as great in close quarters as they had been in their long-distance relationship.

Comedy-cupid experience 

Permanent Roommates, created by Biswajit Sarkar, better known as the satirist Arnub, works because of its flawless daily quality. The show’s genuineness is a welcome change from typical Indian television programming. The first season was completed in five short, well-scripted episodes, which is a welcome binge format, to begin with. Start with this first episode and let YouTube autoplay take you on a journey through the new and exciting world of excellent Indian fiction.


Vaibhav Bundhoo composed, wrote, and performed the series’ original soundtrack CD, which was their first collaboration with The Viral Fever. Following the popularity of the Permanent Roommates, Bundhoo, who served as the series’ composer and cinematographer, was engaged for more TVF projects, including the second season of the show.

Neither do they die nor do they live happily ever after…It’s the third kind of love story.

A tale of a boy and a girl who fall in love throughout the course of a long-distance relationship and eventually marry. The story is as straightforward as it gets, yet that is precisely what makes it so true and lovely. The fact that the writers never attempt to be bizarre for a single second gives it a distinct advantage over other TV shows.

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