Dino Morea Splits Beans On His Equation With Former Girlfriend Bipasha Basu; Says, ‘Don’t Think It Changed Ever’

Dino Morea clears that he and Bipasha Basu are on good terms. He revealed that their equation has never ever changed


September 7, 2021


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Dino Morea who is an actor and a former model who appears in Bollywood film, reportedly shared romantic relationship with Bipasha Basu from 1996 to 2002. Later, the duo separated due to some reasons. Recently, he opened up about equation and relationship with his ex-girlfriend Bipasha. He revealed that they were dating when they were shooting for Raaz. However, during the shoot of Gunaah, they were not, so their relationship was purely professional. Dino said that his equation with her never changed. In a new interview with Hindustan Times, Dino talked about his former girlfriend Bipasha, his latest show The Empire and facing backlash over the historical web series that recently premiered.

When he asked if his equation with Bipasha Basu changed after their break-up, Dino Morea told the portal, “My equation with Bipasha Basu from Raaz to Gunaah had not changed. I don’t think it changed ever. Yes, we were dating when we were shooting Raaz. Then we were not dating during Gunaah. But, I think we were both professional actors and we both wanted to be professional on the sets and in the industry. So, we did not let our personal relationship come in between our work, we let that stay out of the work we did. I think we both handled everything very professionally.”

Further Dino further said, “My equation with her is still…I mean we both respect each other and we both are still friendly, very friendly. In fact, we don’t talk as much but we talk every now and then and there are those cherished memories which were wonderful. So, the equation is great!”

Speaking further, Dino added that both Bipasha and he respect each other and they both are still friendly. The actor also went on to say that they talk to each other every now and then and they also cherish memories they have together. All in all, their equation is great.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Dino is currently doing a historical web-series. Whereas Bipasha, was last seen in Alone where she shared the screen with her now husband Karan Singh Grover.

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