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Chunky Pandey reveals the funny incident where wife Bhavana Pandey fed him raw chicken when they were a newlywed couple


September 23, 2021

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Chunkey Pandey on a cooking reality show takes us back to the funny memory lane where her wife Bhavana Pandey fed him raw chicken a few days after their wedding

Chunky Pandey is known as one of the most entertaining Bollywood personalities. The aura that he creates around really leaves you giggling hard.

Recently the Pandey family had arrived at one of the famous Digital cooking shows, where Ananya Pandey was seen cooking where she was trying her best to bake some good dishes for her parents and along with her Photographer friend Rohan Shreshta

Ananya tried her luck till best to bake two amazing dishes for her parents. Actor Chunky Pandey revealed a secret that this mother-daughter duo has always cooked up stories for him but has never cooked anything for him he said jokingly.


He also recalled one of the funny incidents when he has visited Delhi to meet his to be future inlaws He was told by Bhavna’s mom that all the food served on the table had been prepared by Bhavana,’ “then I went to the kitchen to check, and all these ‘dabbas’ from different restaurants… I swear, I said ‘yes’ immediately.

The episode was fun to watch, when Chunky Pandey tasted Ananya’s food with a good laugher he said, “See Ananya, I won’t blame you if you’ve gone slightly wrong, because it’s hereditary problem. No one in the family knows how to cook, especially on your mother’s side.”

Reminiscing the past incidents of life he said “Then, on the third day after our wedding, the cook had run away. And I told Bhavana, ‘Why don’t you cook?’ She made butter chicken and it was raw.” Indeed the episode was full of laughter and a lot of spilling of beans from their past, wasn’t it the cutest episode to watch.

Earlier this year, Chunky Panday and Bhavana Panday celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary on January 17, 2021.

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