Sonu Sood

Actor, Model, Producer

An Upcoming Superstar

Sonu Sood is the actor, model, and philanthropist that has redefined heroism. He's been a big star in South India and well-liked in Bollywood. During the pandemic, however, he alleviated his status considerably by his generosity. He's now a national hero and is getting international recognition for helping out lakhs of individuals across the country. Sood has now transcended himself from being an entertainment personality to something else entirely.

Villain On-Screen And Hero In Life

The most interesting aspect of Sood's new rise in fame is that he is famous for playing the antagonistic character.

Whether it's Chedi Singh from Dabangg or Pasupathi from Arundhati, the Indian audience loves when he plays the villain. He provides the alternative dynamic so that the clash is only that impactful. Once the pandemic happened, Sonu Sood was shaken to the core by it. He felt that he needed to take action, so he started preparing transportation for the migrants and other people in need.

The news was that Sonu Sood was helping all the individuals in need, and he was flooded with requests. He helped some migrant who was struggling to plow their field, so he sent a tractor. Sonu converted his Mumbai hotel into a Covid ward for patients.

Within more than one and a half years, he set up a proper NGO called Sonu Sood foundation to solve India's problems. Sood now provides educational courses, medical facilities, jobs, and everything in between. He's been hailed as a messiah by people with statues being erected in his image. Sonu Sood is now considered the hero of everyday Indians.

Shah Rukh Praised His Fitness Ethic

Sonu Sood is considered one of the hardworking and fittest men in the industry. Please don't take it from us but from the legend Shah Rukh Khan himself. When they were promoting Happy New Year, Khan went out of the way to praise Sood.

He is always exercising and eats properly regardless of whether he's been traveling for 20 hours a day. After being extremely tired, the whole cast of the movie went to sleep while Sood hit the gym. SRK so inspired him that he said he'd try to be as physically fit as Sonu Sood.

He was also extremely kind and generous at returning the compliment. It showcases how dedicated Sonu Sood is to his fitness routine that a hard worker like SRK is inspired by.

Struggle Story

Sonu Sood is the man of the hour in India today to change lives on one command. His struggle to reach this position was arduous for him. When he arrived in Mumbai, he came with 5500 rs in his pocket. Sood lived in a 1BHK room with more than six people all packed in. Sonu had a day job in a private firm that paid Rs 4500 to cover all the living expenses. At the same time, he was auditioning for roles and trying to achieve his dream. Sood's journey was filled with hardship, and that is why he felt empathetic to the migrants.

Worked in Chinese Movies

Sonu Sood, like many actors, has worked in multiple industries to meet their needs. However, did you know that he also worked in Chinese movies? That's right; he starred in movies with an Indo-Chinese plot and even worked with Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga. Sood introduced him to many Indian cuisines and helped him learn about our culture. It's truly mind-blowing what this man has accomplished, and he continues to do.

Political Ambitions

Sonu Sood's philanthropic ambitions have led to a backlash from the political class. It is quite simple if Sood can accomplish so much for people, then why are politicians sleeping? His efforts make them look bad, and it's caused a paranoia that he's going to make an entrance in politics.

Sood has always said that his intentions are pure at heart and has no political ambitions. Sonu is in serious trouble with the Income Tax department, and many question it as being politically motivated. It will be interesting to see how things progress and can such a force of power stay out of politics?

In India, the line between idol and Superstar always gets blurry. It will be interesting to watch whether Sood's power outside the theater translates into Box Office. Sonu Sood might become the surprise superstar in the post-pandemic era.



30 July 1973 (age48) Moga, Punjab, India

Active Years

1973 - Today
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