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Antim: Aayush Sharma Spills Beans About Him Being Criticized By People; Says ‘I have A Different Identity Than Salman Khan’s Brother In Law’


December 2, 2021

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Aayush Sharma who became famous for his film LoveYatri is doing a bad boy role in his current movie Antim. Recently he spilled beans about how he faces criticism from the audience

Aayush Sharma stated that Salman Khan is answerable for all he does. Aayush, who is married to Salman’s younger sister Arpita Khan, emphasized that he has money of his own and does not live on handouts from his brother-in-law.

In a recent interview, Aayush Sharma said that in his life, even the tiniest things like buying a car or doing anything are always framed as if he did it for Salman Khan, but in the end, he stated that he too earns and does not just sit around doing nothing.

However, he then emphasized that he’s fine because he enjoys grievance and hate. When people troll him or spread rumor’s about him, he feels happy, however on the back of his mind, he is aware that at some point he’s going to show them wrong, and he still recalls whilst it happened for the very first time, he kept questioning himself about the criticism and hate that why it happened with him. However, he sooner or later realized his space where every time he is criticized, he takes it in a healthy way.

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Aayush Sharma stated that he does not believe in halting or censoring criticism, but instead distinguishes between truthful critique that might help him develop his skill and irrelevant criticism.

Antim: The Final Truth, starring Aayush Sharma and Salman Khan, was released in theatres last week. Their first onscreen partnership comes in the form of Mahesh Manjrekar’s movie. Salman Khan earlier introduced Aayush Sharma in his first film LoveYatri that was released and was a great success.

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Aayush Sharma’s second film is Antim: The Final Truth. In the film, he portrays a gangster role, whereas Salman Khan plays an upright police officer who fights for justice. Despite the Covid-19 outbreak having an influence on Antim: The Final Truth’s box office collection, the film still earned a solid sum of 27.25 crores in its first week.

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