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Amidst BOYCOTT threats Kim Kardashian hosts THIS show and boosts its ratings


October 14, 2021

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Kim Kardashian hosts Saturday Night Live even after the news of her hosting the show brought about a lot of criticism from the fans of the show regarding her credibility as a performer. However Kim proved her doubters wrong and brought a boost in the TRP of the show

One must be living under a rock if they are unaware of the fact that Kim Kardashian made her hosting debut on the late night comedy show of NBC, Saturday Night Live (SNL). This came to everyone’s astonishment in mixed ways when her hosting gig was announced last month, to have her seen as a host of a show. Some people gave a positive response while some got so disappointed that they even threatened to ‘boycott’ the show.

Critiques were annoyed at the fact that the socialite-businesswoman was playing a part that is usually designated for actors and comedians. This attracted a lot of attention from everyone including certain celebrities like the Will and Grace actor Debra Messing, who in response to the news said that she knew that Kim is a cultural icon but according to her SNL has hosts, generally, who are performers who are there to promote a film, TV show, or album launch.

While on the other hand many of the people who were skeptical of Kim expressed their amaze at her wonderful performance with good jokes and her confidence post watching the show. Hence it is clear to all that challenges would not boggle down Kim from doing anything new.

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Kim went across strata in her life to crack jokes on, right from her infamous sex scandal to her divorce from Kanye West. However, it was a series of comments about O.J. Simpson that divided spectators, with some claiming the gags were “in poor taste.”

The four minute monologue has already gathered 2 million plus views on YouTube alone, this marks in some way the heat that Kim’s performance has earned despite such a strong opposition from many.

It is all thanks to Kim Kardashian that the ratings of the comedy show sky-rocketed after the show opened last week with its broadcast being the sketch show’s lowest-rated season opener of all time. The model-actress also went on to say in one of her Tweets that hosting SNL was one of the best experience of her career.

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