Alia Bhatt, Shahid Kapoor And Other Actors Who Went Extra Mile For Their Roles

Indian cinema is not just about glamour and musicals. Indian cinema is also about actors who work in quality cinema tirelessly to achieve their desired role


October 6, 2021


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Bollywood is beginning to open its doors for content-driven films, and actors have also started to lick up challenging and professional roles. Several actors have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve the character of the role. Their passion for acting and thirst to give their best and make their characters believable, these actors have gone that extra mile for their roles–

Ayushmann Khurrana

To fit in the role of a blind pianist in the film, Andhadhun, Ayushmann Khurrana prepared himself very well. He went to blind schools for several weeks and noted their routine, ways to live, and how they survive without sight. He spent hours practicing the same pattern for his character. To fit in properly, he also read his scripts in braille, wearing a blindfold.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is a great actress who has done many roles in her short career. She played the role of a migrant laborer in the film Udta Punjab. To make her character look authentic and similar to a migrant, Alia did something unbelievable and didn’t wash her hair for twenty days. What? Yes. She looked almost unrecognizable in the film, as she refused to wash her face for several days too.

Shahid Kapoor

For the film Kabir Singh, Shahid had to sport two looks. One of a young college student, and another of an alcoholic surgeon. For the first role, Shahid had to lose 14 kgs to get into an athlete’s body, whereas, for the second look, he had to gain 8 kgs to look bloated and a drunk man. Shahid, who does not smoke, had to smoke 20 cigarettes a day to get into the character of Kabir Singh. He would take two hours every day to relax before returning home to his family.

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These actors have made the role of a living personality look real, and it was tough to recognize them. Now we also know why they are so successful!

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