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Aggabai Sunbai: Soham’s ‘Ultimatum’ Puts Shubhra In A Difficult Position, This Is How She Might Resolve Her Conflict

Aboli Vaze

May 31, 2021

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In Aggabai Sunbai, Soham used Shubhra’s weakness to his advantage and found a way to stop her from working. Will Shubhra give into Soham’s threats?

In Aggabai Sunbai, Shubhra’s life had just begun getting better but obviously, Soham could not stand it. He had to find a way to ruin her thriving business, and it looks like he might succeed. Shubhra’s biggest strength is her son Shubham, but he is also her weakness in a way. She can handle everything but not losing her child. Soham used her weakness to his advantage and found a way to stop her from working. Will Shubhra give into Soham’s threats and quit working?

What happened was, Shubhra grew sick and tired of groveling to get what she deserves. After discovering Soham’s affair, Shubhra understood Soham is a lost cause and won’t change for her. She did not wish to ask him for anything anymore and decided to become independent.

She started a business of her own, and it was growing day by day. Even though it was on a small scale, Shubhra was really happy and proud of herself. Meanwhile, her growing success was making Soham jealous day by day. He swore to ruin her business and often tried to sabotage her work. However, all his moves failed for Shubhra outsmarted him and was one step ahead of him each time.

Aggabai Sunbai
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Soham’s bruised ego could not handle his wife outsmarting him, so he strategically devised another wicked plan. As Shubhra loves Shubham more than anyone else, Soham knew Shubham was his best shot to get back at Shubhra. He threatened Shubhra saying if she does not stop working, he will replace her with Suzanne and then she will become Shubham’s mother. His ultimatum left Shubhra in a very difficult position, much to Soham’s delight.

Here’s how Shubhra might resolve her conflict

We certainly know that Shubhra is not going to pick her career over Shubham. So, no matter what she does, she is not going to let Suzanne become his mother. She might even consider quitting her work for the sake of Shubham. However, she isn’t the same person who is easy to intimidate. She will surely find a loophole in his ultimatum and continue working while keeping Suzanne away from her son. If nothing works, she could just tell Asawari and get Soham kicked out of his own house.

Shubhra has come a long way and has made tremendous progress. We would hate to see her throwing it all away so we really hope she finds a way to handle Soham’s threat and teach him a lesson for life!

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