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Aggabai Sunbai: As Shubhra Embraces Motherhood, Some Parenting Tips She Can Take From Asawari!

Aboli Vaze

March 20, 2021

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Now that Shubhra from Aggabai Sunbai is a mother, we think she can take a few parenting tips from Asawari, don’t you think so too?

It has been only a day since Aggabai Sunbai started and we’re already loving the show. A lot has changed in the show from its prequel Agga Bai Sasubai. Asawari is now a businesswoman whereas Shubhra is now a mother to a seven-year-old boy. It was fun seeing her with Babdu and we’re sure she is going to make for an incredible mother. Speaking of motherhood, we think Shubhra can take a few parenting tips from Asawari, don’t you think so too?

Watch the latest episode of Aggabai Sunbai here:

1. Do not over spoil your child

The biggest and the most important lesson Shubhra can take from Asawari is not to over-spoil your child. We all know how that turned out for Asawari and Soham. If Shubhra does not want her son to follow Soham’s footsteps, she mustn’t repeat Asawari’s mistake.

2. Tough love

Asawari can advise Shubhra to practice tough love when needed. Asawari would never reprimand Soham whenever he was wrong. Instead, she would forgive him too soon and too easily. This way, Soham never got a chance to reflect upon his mistakes and we don’t want history repeating itself.

3. The silent treatment

Asawari’s classic way to get Soham on the right track was the silent treatment. It worked on Soham and got him to realize his mistakes. Shubhra can definitely take a page out of Asawari’s book should a time come when she needs to discipline her child.

4. Encouragement

Whenever Soham felt defeated, Asawari encouraged him instead of berating him for his failure. She never made him feel like he is not good enough and stood by him in times of difficulty. That helped Soham in more ways than he realized and it’s sure to help his son too.

5. Forgiveness

Do you know what works when tough love and silent treatment do not? Forgiveness. What really got Soham to break the mold and become a better person was Asawari’s forgiveness. Shubhra must know when to forgive and when to scold, a tip on balancing both is something she can take from her sasubai.

Motherhood has a lot to offer and Shubhra will come across many things while raising her son. But, these were a few tips she can take from Asawari while doing so.

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