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Aggabai Sunbai: After Asawari, Suzanne Is Now Trying To Charm Shubham, Here’s What She Could Do Next

Aboli Vaze

May 27, 2021

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In Aggabai Sunbai, looks like Suzanne is not going to rest until she usurps everything that is Shubhra’s and ruins her life totally. Read on. 

In Aggabai Sunbai, Suzanne has finally unleashed her evil side on Shubhra, making her life utterly miserable. First, she snatched her husband (not that it’s all on her). Then she started to come between Shubhra and Asawari, and now she wants to take away Shubham too. What more does she want? Hasn’t she done enough already? Looks like Suzanne is not going to rest until she usurps everything that is Shubhra’s and ruins her life totally. Read on.

Here’s a quick gist of what has happened so far. First, Suzanne entered Soham’s life as his secretary then they got into an illicit affair. After that, Suzanne orchestrated an elaborate plan to deliberately get caught by Shubhra. Then, she swore never to leave Soham and become his wife, kicking aside Shubhra.

As it turns out, her ultimate goal is to take over Kulkarni’s wealth and become rich. For that, she has to marry Soham which is only possible when Shubhra is out. In order to kick her out, Suzanne is now trying to impress her family members one by one, in a bid to prove she is better than her.

She first cleverly became Asawari’s secretary and tried to get in her good books. Meanwhile, she worked hard to ruin Shubhra’s image in Asawari’s eyes. She somehow managed to impress Asawari, making Shubhra jealous. Now she is after her son Shubham! Take a look at the spoiler below.

In the video, Suzanne can be seen ruining Shubham’s drawing of his family. She scratches out Shubhra and fumes in jealously. In another video, it has been shown that Suzanne forces Shubham to call her mother but he refuses. Suddenly, Shubhra arrives and warns her to stay away from her son.

Here’s what Suzanne could do next

Shubham is just a kid and it is easy to change his mind as kids are very susceptible. Therefore, Suzanne might say bad things about Shubhra to turn Shubham against her. She might also try and get to Ajoba, in order to turn him against her as well. She could also find a way to ruin Shubhra’s growing business, thereby crushing her dream of becoming independent. Lastly, she could do something very devious and falsely implicate Shubhra for it, thus ruining her reputation. To find out what she does next, stay tuned to ZEE5 and Zee Marathi.

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