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Aggabai Sunbai: Abhijit And Asawari Once Again Teach Us How To Love Without Ego!

Tanvi Rumale

May 22, 2021

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Take notes because Abhijit and Asawari are here to teach us about love in Aggabai Sunbai’s latest episode!

While Shubhra’s marriage crumbles in Aggabai Sunbai, one marriage we know will stand the test of time or for that matter, any test and that is Abhijit and Asawari’s. Innately, Abhijit and Asawari are good people who invest in their relationship constantly and want to make it work. They are simple-minded and honest with each other and their understanding of each other is what makes them so strong. In the latest episode of Aggabai Sunbai, Abhijit and Asawari share some sweet moments with each other and it makes us want to take notes!

Watch the latest episode of Aggabai Sunbai here:

In the last couple of episodes, we see how Asawari finds that someone from her company DBK Foods has tried to bribe Anurag into revoking the stay order. Since bribery is an illegal activity and is condoned in the country, Asawari is livid that her employee has handled the situation in such a manner. She zeroes in on Maddy, her assistant and thinks that Maddy is the one who has bribed Anurag. She removes Maddy from DBK Foods and tells her that her services are no longer required.

Aggabai Sunbai Abhijit
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At this point, Abhijit has a difference in opinion with Asawari as he thinks that Maddy is innocent. He mentions this to Asawari but she does not listen. The next couple of days Asawari avoids Abhjit and gives him the silent treatment as they’ve fought. Abhijit is worried as Asawari has not even smiled in the past couple of days. He begins to prep for Gharghe as it was the first dish that got them closer. He wants to see Asawari smile so he sets his ego aside and begins to cook for his wife!

Meanwhile, Asawari finds out that Maddy in fact was not the one who bribed Anurag and apologises to her and asks her to come back to work. She then sees Abhijit cooking in the kitchen and apologises to him as well. He gracefully tells her that it is all alright and they feed each other Gharghe.

Aggabai Sunbai Asawari
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There are two things that happen in this sequence: one, Abhijit has no intention of gloating about being right, nor does he want to be. He just wants Asawari to smile again. And two, Asawari is not afraid of being wrong. She rightfully accepts her mistakes and apologises for them. She also expresses how grateful she is to have Abhijit.

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There is no trace of big egos among the two even though, both are big personalities who are talented and have accomplished many things. They quickly eat and make up and we love how simple it is for them! We hope that Shubhra too finds a simple and honest love like theirs!

Don’t you think Abhijit and Asawari were total couple goals in the episode?

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