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Aggabai Sunbai: 5 Instances That Prove Shubhra Is Finally Ready To Fight Back Against Soham

Aboli Vaze

May 25, 2021

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In Aggabai Sunbai, we think Shubhra might be ready to fight back against her wrongdoers and we’ve got these instances to prove so, take a look!

In Aggabai Sunbai, Shubhra’s life has not been the same ever since she has discovered Soham-Suzanne’s affair. We thought she’d break down completely and lose her mind. However, here she is already accepting the fact that her husband is a cheater and is moving on with her life. As they say, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and Shubhra is totally proving that. In fact, we think she might even be ready to fight back against her wrongdoers and we’ve got these instances to prove so, take a look!

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Shubhra’s not taking Soham’s orders anymore

Shubhra used to always be at Soham’s beck and call, even when he treated her like a servant. He’d have her to do menial tasks and she’d do them dutifully. However, that has changed now. She has begun refusing Soham’s ‘orders’ and we love that. When Soham asked her to turn the lights off, Shubhra ignored him and finally, he had to do it himself.

Aggabai Sunbai
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She is ignoring Soham

Shubhra was always available for Soham even if it meant ignoring her own needs. Never had it happened that she ignored him but that has changed too. She does not even acknowledge his presence anymore, whenever he talks to her she ignores him and is giving him the silent treatment. Isn’t that a sign of strength?

Shubhra has decided to become independent

For the longest time, Shubhra was debating whether to start working or not. She is so qualified and talented, that she was literally getting rejected for being ‘overqualified’. After much deliberation, she has now finally decided to take a step towards becoming independent. She no longer wants Soham’s money to support herself and her kid.

She has begun standing up for herself

Shubhra used to be a timid girl, who would never stand up for herself but that is starting to change now. She has begun to voice her opinion, even if it means going against Soham. She told him off when Soham asked her not to work, she made it clear that she is going to work and does not need his ‘permission.’

Aggabai Sunbai
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She does not fear Soham

The biggest to know that you’re ready to fight someone back is when you stop fearing them. And that is exactly what we see in Shubhra these days! She has physically dragged him for ‘forcing Suzanne’, accosted him for practising bribery and has looked him in the eye and told him mistresses may come and go, in the end, you’ll need your wife only.

These instances have made us think Shubhra might be ready to fight back Soham who has made her life a living hell. Well, more power to her and we hope that she teaches him a lesson he’s going to remember for life! Stay tuned to ZEE5 and Zee Marathi to find out what happens next.

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