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Agga Bai Sasubai: With Aajoba Looking After Abhi’s Kitchen, Here’s How Soham Can Impress Him With His Changed Persona

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January 15, 2021

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While Shubhra is convinced of his changed behavior, Soham now has a great opportunity to change Aajoba’s perception of him.

Most of the stories on TV intend to convey their message in a direct way while there are a few who opt for the ‘subtle’ nature of characters to indirectly serve the purpose of the story. And Zee Marathi’s Agga Bai Sasubai belongs to the same category which beautifully captures the essence of a norm-breaking storyline with all the characters being at the heart of its plot. From Asawari to Shubhra, each character’s journey redefines the approach of the show’s narrative.

Similarly, Soham is a character who has impressed us with his various shades be it his innocence as Babdya or his outrageous behavior towards Abhijeet and Asawari’s relationship. Soham, however, has a great story arc in the show and there’s no doubt he is the sweetest villain we ever had on TV. 

With the recent happenings in the show, we have seen a ‘change of heart’ in Soham. While Shubhra is convinced of this change, Soham now has a great opportunity to change Aajoba’s perception of him. And here’s how he can do so.

Rooting The Abhijeet Way

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As Aajoba is keen on looking after Abhi’s Kitchen in the absence of Abhijeet and Asawari, there’s no better chance than this for Soham to prove his true worth. Following Abhijeet’s way of treating his customers, Soham can get back at the hotel as a responsible person. As Aajoba is yet unaware of his cruel doings, Soham can fix things up at the Abhi’s Kitchen with the same commitment Abhijeet had. 

Though he has no idea of the ‘art of food’ he can go ahead with the ‘service strategies’ that would ultimately maintain the aura of Abhijeet’s restaurant and might also help Soham in changing Aajoba’s perception towards him.

The Family Reunion & Annapurna

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Aajoba has always taunted Soham for all the right reasons but Aajoba’s unexpected return has indirectly paved a great opportunity for Soham to regain his mother Asawari’s trust and also change his imagery of being an irresponsible person. If Aajoba finds out about Soham’s recent antics, the way he treated Abhijeet and Asawari, that would be a complete shocker for him.

And so, Soham can bridge the indifferences he had with his mother and also convince her to get back home that would lead to a proper family reunion. Also, Soham can help Asawari with her new venture Annapurna, and hand over Abhi’s Kitchen back to Abhijeet.

We hope Soham will make the best out of these unexpected opportunities.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for interesting content and stories. 


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