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A Table For Two S2 Ep 9: Nehha Pendse Reveals She Doesn’t Want To Have Kids; Aasif Sheikh Confesses He Doesn’t Wear Sleeveless

Tanvi Rumale

May 24, 2021

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Read the highlights of the latest episode of A Table For Two Season Two featuring Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai actors Aasif Sheikh and Nehha Pendse!

A Table For Two is one of the hottest and most candid talk shows of current times where host Ira Dubey invites TV and film celebrities and engages in some great conversations with them. The show brings out stars a little more closer to us as they share some of their defining moments in life and also engage in fun banter! In the latest episode of A Table For Two Season2, Ira Dubey invited Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai cast members, Aasif Sheikh and Nehha Pendse and discussed their lives when they’re not playing the iconic couple!

Watch the latest episode of A Table For Two Season 2 here:

Nehha Pendse has been a more recent addition to the hit show, so Ira asked Nehha if she was intimidated to work with Aasif Sheikh. She uttered a flat-out no! She mentioned that they had met two years before she starred on the show and wanted to work with each other. The next time they met, it was just a natural flow!

On her career as a child actress, Nehha said that it was actually her mother who wanted her shy daughter to open up a bit more and so enrolled her at a children’s acting group at Prithvi theatre. It was then that she was scouted for Ekta Kapoor’s first show! On the first day on the sets, Nehha was so natural that her mother knew right then that she must become an actress! She said, “My mother was so shocked to see how natural I was that she said yeh meri beti nahi hai, yeh behrupiya hai!”

A table for two nehha aasif
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For Aasif, it was his father who suggested he go for an audition for his first show, Hum Log. Aasif talked about how nervous he got when he reached the place for his audition and found 5000 people there. He says to date he has no idea what he performed there for 3-4mins! He just remembers running in the opposite direction as soon as the directors let him go!

The two actors also talked about how they’ve been working together to form a camaraderie as their characters on their show are a married couple! Nehha said that the director of the show asked her to not watch any of the previous episodes as they wanted her to bring in a fresh version to the show. Meanwhile, Aasif added that he had more work to do than Nehha because he was used to Saumya Tandon (the previous actress who played Nehha’s role) and her mannerisms. He had to rewire himself and get used to the way Nehha reacts to things. But they admitted that it has been a fun journey.

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While talking about what he does when he’s free, he simply said that he sleeps. Aasif said, “I sleep and I sleep and I sleep. My wife tells me when you have a holiday, your spine gets dissolved. You can’t do nothing!” This definitely earned him some laughter from the ladies! On how she spends her day Nehha said, “My entire day goes in organising the house and understanding what my husband wants, playing with my five dogs!” Ira pointed out that her five dogs are her babies to which she said yes.

On children, Nehha got candid and said that she doesn’t want children. “I don’t want that kind of responsibility. It’s a big responsibility and I feel like if I get involved in anything, I will get obsessively involved in it. I will be the helicopter mom, I know that as a matter of fact.” When Ira asked her how her husband felt on this subject, she laughingly replied,”He encourages the thought and thinks that my mind could change about that. He sees the way I organise the house and thinks that me being a helicopter mom is a good thing.”

A table for two
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Coming to the last segment, the rapid-fire round, Ira asked Aasif some personal questions to which he gave some interesting answers. For one secret no one knows about you, he said, “I don’t like exposing myself. I don’t wear sleeveless or three-fourths and I like to keep my skin covered.”

The ladies made Aasif reenact his famous lines like, “What a joke” and “Dhoti uthalo, babu” and cracked up in utter amusement soon after! In Nehha’s rapid-fire, one of the situations was her worst actor award speech to which she said, “I accept it. I am happy that at least somewhere finally I am getting an award!” which cracked up Aasif and Ira too much!

So that was how episode nine featuring the Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actors went – full of insights and comic moments!

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