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5 Times Aggabai Sunbai’s Abhijeet And Asawari Proved That They Are Complete Couple Goals!

Tanvi Rumale

April 19, 2021

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These moments will make you believe that Aggabai Sunbai’s Aswari and Abhijeet really do make a power couple!

Aggabai Sunbai’s Abhijeet and Asawari have such fine a balance in their marriage and a lot of their scenes together make you really believe that these two are meant to be together! Career wise, Abhijeet who was a star chef and the owner of a chain of hotels has chosen to retire and live with Asawari and her family. Meanwhile, Asawari, who had been a housewife has now started her own food company, DBK Foods. They live in harmony in their big house, surrounded by family. These incidents prove that they are major couple goals:

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When Abhijeet says he lives in his wife’s house proudly

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At the beginning of the show, when Abhijeet and Ajoba are bickering with each other, Ajoba teases Abhijeet for retiring and doing the chores of the house. Ajoba tells him that he is living in his sunn’s house. Abhijeet proudly corrects him and says that he is living in his wife’s house! He proudly comes home with bags of fresh vegetables and does not pay any heed to Ajoba’s comments. He loves that his wife is an independent woman, is successful and does not need his help!

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When Abhijeet showers Asawari with rose petals

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At the Holi party, while Asawari is busy working, Maddy is dying to play with colours. Asawari mentions that she loves watching people play but she does not like colours on herself at all. Abhijeet knows that so he comes to her with Puran Poli! Asawari thinks that the Puran Poli is actually Holi colours and hides behind Maddy! Later, she realises it and sits down to work. Just then Shubham and Abhijeet shower her with rose petals. This brings a wide smile on Asawari’s face and Abhijeet tells her that she should feel the joy of Holi, even if it is without colours! Such a thoughtful husband! This is one of the cutest moments of this adorable couple!

When they support Shubhra like parents

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This is not a singular moment, these are many moments on the show where this couple cares for Shubhra like their own daughter. They worry about her confidence and encourage her to step out of her comfort zone. They are also worried about her marriage with Soham and get very happy when Soham and Shubhra are happy and affectionate with each other. When Soham takes Shubhra out on a date, we see how excited and happy Asawari and Abhijeet become and it’s so sweet! They promise to take care of Shubham and even playfully place a bet on who does Shubham listen to more!

When Abhijeet takes an appointment to meet Asawari

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We have seen Abhijeet buzzing around Asawari, giving her instructions about food and packing her lunch box. Sometimes, he does not get enough time with his wife because of her busy schedule too. But this does not make Abhijeet livid with anger. Instead, he realises that she is bogged down with work and so he decides to meet her at work to talk about Soham. The fact that Abhijeet respects her time but also knows that she would want to know about anything serious related to Soham proves that the understanding between the two is strong. There is also no space for ego and pride in their relationship and they are like friends!

When they fake fight and have fun

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Ajoba and Abhijeet have a very fun relationship. To trouble Abhijeet, Ajoba reads out fan mail that Abhijeet receives from women in front of Asawari! Asawari is amused and then walks away to her room. Abhijeet goes to her to check if she’s actually mad at him, but she just laughs and says she knows her husband and trusts him. She was just getting ready. Shubhra comes to check on them and they begin to fake fight to stress Shubhra out and it is quite a scene! These two prove that they can be really goofy when they want. But, the trust they have in each other is the real highlight of this moment!

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