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5 Reasons Why Shaheer Sheikh Is Perfect To Play Manav In Pavitra Rishta’s Digital Reboot

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June 29, 2021

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While the makers of Pavitra Rishta are gearing up for its digital reboot, we list out reasons as to why Shaheer Sheikh is the perfect casting for Manav!

Though television offers us an array of shows, there are only a few that entertain the audiences thoroughly. With an interesting storyline and relatable characters, these TV shows emerge as colossal hits of the small screens. And Zee TV’s classic romance drama Pavitra Rishta is one such unforgettable show. This episodic saga ran for five years and is still quite fresh among the masses. And good news for the fans is that Pavitra Rishta is all set to return with its digital reboot.

The second season of Pavitra Rishta will be a web spin-off. And this news has created a massive buzz amid the entertainment world. In this continuation of the romance saga, actor Ankita Lokhande will be reviving her role as Archana.

And as fans are eager to know who will play the lead character Manav, we have the answer. It is TV star, Shaheer Sheikh. 

So, here are 5 reasons why we believe that Shaheer Sheikh will be a perfect choice to play Manav.

Acting Range

Shaheer Sheikh
Source: Instagram

Shaheer Sheikh has an array of interesting TV shows under his name. The actor has always managed to charm the audience with his exquisite on-screen performances. Be it playing Ritesh in Disney’s Best Of Luck Nikki or as Arjuna in the mythological drama Mahabharat, Shaheer portrayed these roles with an emotional depth and relatability. And the viewers are in love with his powerful on-screen presence.

So, we believe that he can do justice to Manav’s character in this reboot.

A Renowned Face Of TV

Shaheer Sheikh
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After essaying some interesting roles, Shaheer Sheikh shot to fame in the TV industry. He is quite popular among the masses by his character names rather than his real name. And that’s the power of his on-screen presence. The viewers have connected well with Sheikh’s different portrayals on television. And thus having him as Manav would be an ace factor for the show.

The Next-Door-Boy Persona!

Shaheer Sheikh
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Pavitra Rishta was the story of a next-door boy Manav who faces struggles in his married life due to familial and societal issues. To be precise, it was the story of every common man and actor Sushant Singh Rajput did justice to this lifelike character. Also, Shaheer Sheik has that next-door-boy persona.

He has played similar characters in many of his previous shows. So, he can easily step into the shoes of Sushant’s Manav and that won’t be unchartered territory for him.

A Hero Of Romantic-Dramas

Shaheer Sheikh
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Shaheer has led many TV shows and most of them belong to the genre of romance. He carries up the heroic personality, featuring as a lead in many romance dramas. And most importantly, the audiences have been in awe of his acting skills. His personality and acting range blend perfectly, making him one of the most popular heroes of romance stories. And hence, he can do wonders in Pavitra Rishta 2 whilst entertaining the viewers.

The Charming ‘Manav’ Look

Shaheer Sheikh
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It has been around seven years since Pavitra Rishta went off-air. And yet, the story and characters still remain fresh within the hearts and minds of the viewers.  Now, as the show is making a return, actors will play a vital role to leave a similar impression on the viewers, the way the first season did. While Ankita Lokhande will revive her character Archana, the makers believed Shaheer would be best suited for Manav’s role. 

And honestly, if you consider the look and appearances, Shaheer Sheikh seems to be a lookalike of SSR’s Manav with minor differences. While Sheikh is already aced in other factors, in terms of looks also he suits well. He can live up to the charming look of Manav.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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