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5 Love Songs That Kundali Bhagya’s Karan And Preeta Did Complete Justice To

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February 10, 2021

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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, let’s walk down the memory lane and look at Karan and Preeta’s most memorable dances together on songs like Teri Meri Kahaani, Thukra Ke Mera Pyaar Mera Intekam Dekhegi and more.

Karan and Preeta of Kundali Bhagya are probably the biggest and most loved pairs on Indian TV right now. Viewers have been following their story from when they were enemies to husband and wife now! The duo has certainly faced many problems and many enemies together and managed to protect their families from all the ill-meaning people but they also know how to share some adorable moments together. And when we say adorable moments together, we also mean the way they dance on different songs on several occasions in the show.

Speaking of which, here are five #AtrangiLove songs that their dances did complete justice to!

Aap humari jaan ban gaye

When Preeta is absent for quite some time and returns to dance with Karan, he stops worrying. Preeta mostly guides him into the dance as Karan is reluctant, but slowly eases into it and the two dance to Aap Humari Jaan Ban Gaye. The song really fits the situation as Karan really cares about Preeta and she means the world to him. Of course, he never says it in words, but Preeta knows, and the song helps!

Teri Meri Kahani

Back when Preeta and Karan were embarking on some sort of a friendship, even though they would fight every five minutes, they would also dance together in functions at the Luthra house. Karan is clearly having a gala time pushing and pulling Preeta around as the latter rolls her eyes and makes annoying faces during the dance as if she was being forced to dance with him till she sees the insanity with which Karan is looking at her and twirling around. The dance then becomes intensely romantic as the duo stares at each other with some sort of an attraction. This song is perfect for the scene!


Karan feels that Preeta is around at a function even before laying eyes on her. When he tells this to Sameer, he tells Karan that he loves Preeta. Karan thinks that’s impossible and while he dances with Preeta, he mentions it to her. But in the scene, we don’t see Karan in his usual flamboyance but instead see him as a boy trying hard to hide his crush and sincerely liking towards a girl. The pair clear the misunderstanding that they like each other, but as soon as the song changes to Dhadak, an intense look falls on their face and we feel like each line of the song is exactly what they want to tell each other.

Tere Mere

Preeta and Karan have shared many Holi festivals together, but this Holi dance remains memorable as they sweetly dance to the song Tere Mere. The song’s lyrics say “Tere mere darmiyaan hai, baatein ankahi” (there are many unsaid things between us) and this is really true for the couple. At this point, Preeta and Karan trust each other and have formed a deep friendship but they don’t realise that they are falling in love. It’s truly adorable!

Thukra Ke Mera Pyaar Mera Intekam Dekhegi

This scene is different from the rest as Karan and Preeta are deeply upset with each other. Karan is hurting Preeta by marrying Mahira in front of her eyes and Preeta is trying very hard to stay strong and remain unaffected by Karan’s behaviour. Dressed as the groom, and in front of all of his family, an angry Karan holds Preeta’s hand and dances with her. One can see his anger in the way he pulls and pushes her around and the song really brings us some pain. It’s a sad moment for them, but the couple still does justice to the song by showing the pain of heartbreak and the love that still exists between them, even though they’re angry.

To witness more such memorable moments between Preeta and Karan, check out this link.

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