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16 years of Zee Telugu: Pasupu Kumkum, Police Diary and other shows that make us believe old is indeed gold

Bhavna Gandikota

May 12, 2021

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As Zee Telugu turns 16, here is a list of some of the oldest shows to have aired on the channel. How many of these have you watched?

As your favourite Zee Telugu turns 16, here are some of the oldest shows that aired on the channel and garnered immense love from the audience. With shows like Pasupu Kumkuma, and Police Diary, this list is going to take you for a trip down the memory lane!

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1) Pasupu Kumkuma (2010-2014)

Pasupu Kumkuma revolves around Savitri, a poor young girl, who works as a domestic help in Narasimha Rao’s house. After the death of Narasimha’s wife, an astrologer suggests that he should remarry for prosperity. What would be Narasimha’s next move and how will Savitri be affected by this is what the show narrates.

Watch the last episode of Pasupu Kumkuma right here!

2) Police Diary (2013)

Hosted by Nagababu, Police Diary showcases different crime stories in a dramatised version and suggests the right measures to avert crimes. The show intended to make the audience aware of the dreadful incidences that happen around them and to be alert.

Police Diary
Source: ZEE5

3) Muga Manasulu (2014–2017)

Muga Manasulu revolves around Dharani, who works as a caretaker for a rich, old lady. The lady’s nephew Aditya falls in love with Dharani and they get married. However, Dharani’s fairy tale comes to an end when she discovers some hidden truth about Aditya’s past.

Watch the last episode of  Muga Manasulu right here!

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4) Varudhini Parinayam (2013 –2016)

Varudhini has three sisters. Her father is a bus conductor and her mother has a small catering business. Her mother’s only dream in life is to see her four daughters get married and settle in life. However, things take a drastic turn after she meets Krishna Chaitanya. You just cannot miss Varudhini Parinayam.

Watch the last episode of Varudhini Parinayam right here!

5) Gorantha Deepam (2013–2014)

Gorantha Deepam is the story of a young girl Paddu, born in a family which has an abundance of love and affection but runs short on finances. This bright girl, who aspires to study and support her family, is forced to get married under the traditional belief. Her story is a compelling one that you cannot miss!

Watch the last episode of Gorantha Deepam right here!

6) Amma Naa Kodala (2014–2017)

Amma Naa Kodala revolves around Anasuya, a cunning woman, and her kind-hearted daughter-in-law, Madhumathi. After getting married to the fourth son of Anasuya, Madhumathi enters the family and then starts a never-ending conflict between the two women.

Watch the last episode of Amma Naa Kodalu right here!

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