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ZEE5 Kids Duos Who Will Make Your Children Want To Team Up With Their Siblings

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 6, 2021

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Here are some sibling duos from ZEE5 Kids shows that will make your child want to have some fun moments with his/her siblings.

Siblings are often each other’s best friend and share many happy and sad moments together. They also tend to have all the fun together. From mischief in the neighbourhood to breaking things at home, we have all pulled these stunts with our siblings during childhood. They are also the ones that normally tend to save each other from their parents’ scolding and they are the ones that fight for you in time of need. There are some duos in ZEE5 Kids shows who reminds us all of a naughty pair of siblings. So this summer holiday let these super fun duos inspire your kids to team up with their own siblings for some fun and mischief.

Watch the latest episode of Krishna Balram here:

Krishna Balram

Krishna and Balram from the show Krishna Balram are an apt example of siblings who are very mischievous and are always seen having fun. The duo often disturbs the peace of Vrindavan along with their friends when they create trouble in the village with their mischievous deeds. Krishna is unstoppable but Balram always seems to know what tricks Krishna has up his sleeves and is seen fulfilling his duties as an elder brother. They often fight demons and keep Vrindavan safe from evil.

Balram Krishna
Source: ZEE5

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Luv and Kushh from the show Luv-Kushh are twin brothers who are very courageous and are often seen helping villagers. Their adventures are full of fun and excitement as they fight against evil demons and defeat them in order to restore peace on Earth. They too can be seen doing mischief when they are with their teacher or their mother Goddess Sita. The episodes of this show will often have some lessons that the children can learn and apply in their life. This sibling pair will surely teach your kid how to be brave and fight evil in life.

Luv Kushh
Source: ZEE5

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For all the single kids who are feeling left out here, don’t worry! You can have a best friend and the two of you can be like Bandbudh and Budbak from Bandbudh Aur Budbak. Badrinath and Budhdeb also known as Bandbudh and Budbak are a hilarious pair of best friends who will have you rolling on the floor with their silly antics and naughty actions. The duo is as close as siblings and always tend to do things with each other. From fooling their teachers to pulling pranks on friends, Bandbudh and Budbak are full of mischief and fun.

Bandbudh and Budbuk
Source: ZEE5


Bablu and Dablu from the show Bablu Dablu are a pair of bear brothers who live together and enjoy their time doing silly and funny things. They are very adorable and do extremely sweet things for each other. In one of the episodes, we see that Bablu throws away a quilt that Dablu wanted and he gets angry when he does not get his quilt and leaves the cave. While he is angry, Dablu reminisces about the time he enjoyed with Bablu while he makes a quilt for his brother. Aren’t they just adorable?

Bablu Dablu
Source: ZEE5

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