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Yaare Nee Mohini: What Should Muttu Know About Neelambari And Maya?


July 10, 2020

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Muttu must protect his marriage with Belli, which can only happen if he discovers the truth about Neelambari and Maya.

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohiniwe discover that Neelambari has been pretending to be sick so far because she wanted Maya and Muttu to get married. However, Muttu already gets married to Belli which he then confesses to Neelambari. As a result, Neelambari pretends to fall sick again and tries to find new ways to get Maya married to him. Maya, too, has not given up on Muttu.

Here are certain things that Muttu needs to know about Maya and Neelambari so that he does not fall into any of their traps.

While he has a lot of respect for Neelambari, he needs to realise that she has continuously put on a farce to fool him and get him married as she does not want Belli to become a part of the family. He must recall the times when Maya tries to get married to him and took extreme steps to do so. Shanmugam must also tell Muttu of the time when Neelambari supported Maya in making Muttu unconscious and getting intimate with him so that she can get pregnant with his child and will have to marry him.

Apart from this, he must be more aware of Neelambari’s behaviour. As he believes that she is sick, he feels pressurised enough to actually consider marrying Maya. He must come to the realisation that Neelambari has been pretending all this while and has also never liked Belli. If she really wanted for him to be happy, she would have accepted Belli into the house.

Muttu tells Neelambari about Belli and himself
Muttu tells Neelambari about Belli and himself

Most recently, Neelambari pretends to wake up from her sickness and tells Maya that they must throw Shanmugam and Belli out of the house and Shanmugam is getting closer to discover their plan and will always come in the way of Maya and Muttu. As a result, Muttu must focus more on what Neelambari and Maya are doing in order to protect his relationship with Belli.

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