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Yaare Nee Mohini: Muttu Apologises To His Family


September 18, 2020

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Catch some of the important events so you know what to expect next!

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohini, Sharmila expresses her concern with Neelambari to tell her that they do not know how they must live under the guidance of Muttu. While the show has managed to keep us at the edge of our seats, here’s a fun quiz to test yourself on how much you know the show. Here’s what you must look forward to.

Muttu apologises to the entire family for whatever has happened. They all tell him not to worry about anything and that they will all support him every step of the way. He also tells them that there are more problems than one can imagine and how confused he is about what step to take. As Maya relentlessly tries to ruin their life, the next few episodes will be interesting to see how Muttu is able to fight these evil powers and if Chitra will come back to save them from their misery.

Sharmila, on the other hand, is least bothered about her brother and more worried about the fact that they might have to sell their property in order to recover from the debts. As she is anything but a supportive sister to him, will he come to realise the truth about Sharmila and her selfish motifs? Additionally, she has a conversation with Neelambari wherein she tells her that Muttu has lost all his money and that they must do whatever it takes to keep the wealth in the house.

Sharmila and Neelambari

Neelambari shouts at her and tells her that her true motifs with regard to Muttu have been revealed and that she is utterly selfish. Sharmila also tells her that she has a plan in mind and walks off. Well, we cannot wait to see what she does.

Elsewhere, Muttu and Belli decide to put chits which suggest whether or not they must sell the property. When they open the chit, it says that they must sell the property. Belli, however, discovers that both the chits had the same thing written. Is this another trap set by Maya?

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