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Yaare Nee Mohini: Here’s Why Aishu Is The Ideal Sister To Muttu


July 17, 2020

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Aishu has always been a pillar of strength to her brother in more than one way. Details inside.

Recently in Yaare Nee Mohiniwe discover that Neelambari has been pretending to be sick so far because she wanted Maya and Muttu to get married. However, Muttu already gets married to Belli which he then confesses to Neelambari. As a result, Neelambari pretends to fall sick again and tries to find new ways to get Maya married to him. Maya, too, has not given up on Muttu.

Speaking of Muttu and the confusion that he is dealing with has revealed what an ideal sister Aishu has been to him during these difficult times and how she has played a major role in helping him solves these problems. From the very start, Aishu has told him that Belli is the perfect match for him and not Maya. However, Muttu never listened to her initially. He was ready to marry Maya only because Neelambari wanted to him to do so. Out of respect, he did the same.

Aishu tells Muttu to tell the truth
Aishu tells Muttu to tell the truth

When Maya tries to get intimate with Muttu and even tries to marry him without his consent, Aishu tells him that he must be aware of what Maya does as she goes to any extent to marry. However, not only has Muttu guided him with his problems, but she has also protected and saved him from any sort of trouble that Maya has tried to put him in.

Apart from this, she actively takes part in helping him marry Belli when he realises that he has always been in love with her and no one can take care of him and understand him the way she has. She also advises him to be honest and tell Neelambari that he has married Belli as hiding the same is disrespectful to Belli. Having said that, Muttu decides to tell Neelambari.

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