Wow Wednesday: Here’s how Kadambini managed to win over the Saheb and get their school building back

Here’s how Kadambini saved the day with her sincerity and quick thinking.


September 2, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Kadambini, the titular lead character (played by Ushasi Ray) is based on a great historical figure who went on to become Bengal’s first female doctor! In the show, Kadambini is a very intelligent and vivacious young woman who is studying Western medicine in Kolkata at present. Recently, the building of the educational institute she is enrolled in got taken away by authorities who claimed they needed it for a different purpose. Dwarkanath (played by Manoj Ojha), the headmaster, was in talks with Albright Saheb and Keshab to get the building back, but to no avail.

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The Saheb and Keshab pay a visit to Dwarkanath, and Kadambini and her colleagues are also present. Kadambini is most earnest and warm in greeting the Saheb, but Keshab criticises her lack of proficiency in the English language, and claims that she spoke to the esteemed gentleman as if he were a friend or a relative! Both he and the Saheb insinuate that Dwarkanath’s school is not up to the mark when it comes to providing a good education, and demand some kind of evidence of the students’ virtues!

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Kadambini quickly consults her colleagues and come up with a plan to serve a nice hot meal to the Saheb, who accepts this offer. Within the next 45 minutes, Kadambini organises a delicious meal of luchi and alu chacchari with her friends, and brings it to the Saheb’s table.

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Meanwhile, Keshab continues to taunt Dwarkanath and the girls, and exclaims that serving luchi-alu to the great Saheb is absolutely blasphemous! The Saheb, however, looks quite pleased with the meal that he has been presented with, and asks Kadambini to tell him what the dish is called– but in English!

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A flustered Kadambini explains that it is a favourite among Bengalis, and after thinking for a moment, says that the dish is called ‘hot air balls!’ She tells him that these crispy pillows of fried dough are to be popped first to let the air escape, and then to be dipped into the alu (potato curry) and relished while still hot. The Saheb is satisfied with her answer and digs into his meal with gusto.

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Much to Kadambini and everyone’s delight, the Saheb pronounces the meal to be a great success! He is most impressed with Kadambini and the other girls’ skills and quick thinking. The delicious luchi-alu chacchari has put him in such a good mood, that he even says that he is willing to give the school building back to them! Kadambini and the crew are ecstatic at this, and celebrate this special victory with glee.

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