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When Gautam Rode Met Mallika Sherawat For The First Time, Sparks Flew


September 16, 2021

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Gautam Rode and Mallika Sherawat have come together for the first time in a new show. Here’s what happened when they met. Do Check First Time, Sparks

There is always some interesting story that happens whenever two actors meet for the first time. Certain vibes always run through between the two. It’s usually warm as both have seen each other’s work and there is a whole new project to go onboard upon. However, that was not the case for Gautam Rode when he met Mallika Sherawat for the first time. He plays the protagonist in the thriller show. When Gautam met the queen Mallika Sherawat, he went up to her probably just to say ‘Hi’. It’s a normal courtesy as naturally any celebrity would. However, Gautam was left fuming and astonished when Mallika just overlooked him and sauntered off!


It was such a funny episode! He looked back and laughed at it as he was truly gob-smacked that Mallika just ignored him altogether. However, she profusely apologized later on. Right after the scene between the two was done. It was all a part of director Soumik Sen’s grand plan. He even told Soumik that a slight warning would have been good or Gautam to be aware of. But Soumik just wanted both the stars to be as much in character as possible. When the scene is seen today on the show, it truly did come magnificent, and it was all because of that impromptu thing between the two actors. However, after that, the two were warm to each other.


Gautam and Mallika’s onscreen avatars share some cold vibes, but offscreen the same was seen radiating as well between the two. It was only when Mallika took the onus upon herself and went running to Gautam and hugged him and apologized to him for the earlier prank on staying in character. That’s how the ice broke between the two. She even confided that it was only director Soumik Sen’s idea that he had asked her to remain in character. That way when she ignored both Gautam and Esha it felt like she was actually in character, and the others would also feed off that same energy. Gautam was left in splits when he heard the same. It was truly an epic moment on sets and people had a hearty laugh.

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