Violent Protests Break Out In Churu, Rajasthan After Pregnant Woman Loses Her Life Due To Medical Negligence

Villagers have kept the body of the deceased woman in a deep freezer as family members have refused to cremate her body until their demands are fulfilled.

Neel Raju Nalawade

October 13, 2020

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A tragic incident recently happened in Churu, Rajasthan where a woman who was eight months pregnant lost her life at a government hospital due to medical negligence. This lead to violent protests and clashes across the city. The police force had to baton charge and fire tear-gas shells to disperse the demonstrators and bring the situation under control.  The protestors vandalised vehicles, destroyed property, and some even fought with security forces. The death of the woman has now turned into a major controversy. Local leaders and villagers are protesting against the hospital authorities and have kept the body of the deceased woman in a deep freezer.

The family members of the deceased woman have refused to cremate her body till the demands are met by the Gehlot government. Sources also said that when family members inquired about the woman’s health, the hospital authorities claimed that the woman was unconscious because of the medicines.

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