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Tujhse Hai Raabta: Happy Or Sad, Here’s Reliving Some Sweet Moments Between Kalyani And Malhar This Valentine’s Day

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February 11, 2021

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Through the romantic track, the show has kept us hooked to Malhar and Kalyani’s inseparable bond. Good or bad, happy or sad, the duo has always managed to get us invested in their relationship.

Over the years, romance has always been at the heart of Indian TV shows and it never fails to fascinate us with different and fresh takes on human relationships and their complications. While we get rooted in the engaging storyline, the relatable characters in the show make us believe in their fictional stories, inspiring us every now and then. In a similar instance, Zee TV’s Tujhse Hai Raabta has always impressed the viewers with its slice of life storyline and life-like characters.

Through the romantic track, the show has kept us hooked to Malhar and Kalyani’s inseparable bond. The realism in their story is one of the reasons that has helped us build a strong connection with these fictional characters. There’s a lot we learn from them and their perspective of dealing with the conflicts of their life. 

And on the eve of Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than to cherish the heartwarming moments between Kalyani and Malhar.

Kalyani Confronts Malhar

Remember the time when Malhar unintentionally created troubles for Kalyani to show his angst against her. Though his cruel acts caused problems for Kalyani, the latter went on to confront him and stated that she’s well aware that he wouldn’t want to trouble her intentionally. And that moment sparked the selfless love between the duo. 

While Kalyani was teary-eyed, Malhar also couldn’t hold out his emotions. This proves that Malhar and Kalyani’s bond is problematic yet is high on the innocence of love.

The Colors Of Love

When Kalyani had complications in her pregnancy, it was Malhar who stood firmly by her side and urged her for an abortion. Though Kalyani acted quite stubborn, Malhar went on to convince her with his true feelings and revealed the importance she holds in his life. Happiness had just started to seep in their lives but the complications in Kalyani’s pregnancy ruined everything. 

But Malhar made Kalyani realize her worth and was a guiding light for her getting out of her difficult times. The couple has always set new standards when it comes to their romantic relationship.

A Shared Dream

While Kalyani wanted to work in a company for a mere salary, Malhar expressed his desire of making Kalyani study ahead and accomplish her real dreams. Without thinking of the problems ahead, Malhar convinced Kalyani to set on a new journey that she had dreamt of for a long time. This definitely gives us an overview of their selfless bond.

A Saviour

Remember the time when Rachit tried to kill Kalyani and Malhar came as a saviour to rescue her life? Taking advantage of her unconsciousness, Rachit hides Kalyani in a refrigerator. Eventually, with nothing on her side, we as the viewers almost lost all the hopes but Malhar comes to her rescue at the right time. And that moment paved the beginning of a new chapter in their romance.

When She Sees Malhar in Shera

Recently when a drunk Kalyani climbs up a stall, she mistakes Shera for Malhar and asks him to catch her when she jumps. Kalyani looks adorable when she’s drunk and Shera is quite worried for her!

These were the few moments from the recent episode that resemble Malhaar and Kalyani’s inseparable bond.  Watch all such beautiful and heartwarming moments here.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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