Top 5 Salman Khan Movies That Celebrates The Theme Of ‘Good Winning Over Evil’

Ahead of Radhe’s release, we thought of taking a quick glimpse into Salman Khan’s blockbusters that celebrated the stories of good triumphing over evil.

Mainstream Bollywood movies offer us much-needed escapism from the tragic realities of life. These movies make you take a deep dive into the fantasy world wherein the end, the hero saves the day. And most of these films belong to the action-drama genre. However, taking this cinematic legacy a step ahead, superstar Salman Khan has always offered an apt blend of action and entertainment through his movies. Similarly, the actor will be entertaining the fans amid these difficult times as well. Yes! Salman’s most-awaited project Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is all set to release this week.

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Radhe revolves around a cop and his escapades within the criminal world. Just like most of Salman’s widely hailed projects, Radhe will also be celebrating the triumph of good. And fans are more than excited! Well, ahead of the film’s release, we thought of taking a quick glimpse into Salman Khan blockbusters that celebrated the theme of ‘good winning over evil’.

So, here’s a list of the top five Salman Khan films that were themed on ‘good winning over evil’.

Jai Ho

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The 2014 film Jai Ho needs to be appreciated for the unique concept it essayed. The film follows the story of an ex-military officer Jai Agnihotri who realizes that alike borders, there are enemies within the nation too. He scrutinizes the problems faced by the masses and starts off with an initiative to promote social welfare. Problems arise when he crosses paths with a corrupt politician. And by the end, it is the good that triumphs over the wronged ones.

The film had a socio-political theme whilst being a family entertainer. And thus Salman’s Jai Ho has made it to the top of this list.

Tiger Zinda Hai

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Tiger Zinda Hai marked an apt sequel to Salman Khan’s critically acclaimed film Ek Tha Tiger. The sequel followed Tiger and Zoya as they set out on a mission to rescue innocent people held hostage by a terrorist organization. Laden with crucial moments, this action thriller is emotionally gripping and conveys the old-fable message of ‘right and wrong’. 

Furthermore, as Tiger and Zoya delve into the deadly world of terrorist groups, they find themselves on the verge of losing it all. However, forces team up to fight against the evils leading to a promising resolution.


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Salman Khan’s Kick gives us a Robinhood like figure through our protagonist Devi Lal Singh. He secretly keeps a watch over the happenings around the nation and makes a smart move accordingly. Being a saviour of the masses, the story of this hero-like figure is entertaining, worth remembering and also tragic at times. Escaping from the law and battling against the crime lord Shiv Gajra, Devi finds himself on his most devious mission.

And at the end when past stories are revealed, the tension in the climax intensifies leading to another great resolution.


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A kind-hearted goon as a hero might not be new in Bollywood. However, Salman Khan’s Wanted comes up with an interesting twist to this cinematic element. The film Wanted follows the story of Radhe and his escapades in the crime world. Radhe has his own principles which he follows no matter what. And that made him one of the most interesting heroes of all time. It’s his good side that makes us rooted for him till the very end.

And Radhe’s good side is what leads to an intriguing climax as he turns out to be a secret police officer. Through his secret mission, he already traps the crime lords of the city one by one.

Dabangg Film Series

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Chulbul Pandey’s fight against crime has always been a fascinating watch for the movie buffs. And all three films from the Dabangg series are primarily themed upon good winning over evil. Be it villainous figures like Chhedi Singh and Balli Singh or the devious Thakur, Chulbul gave them a great fight. Ultimately, these stories proved that no matter how worst the scenario is, the good ones always triumph over the evils. Thus, the Dabangg series remains to be the most popular one in Salman’s filmography.

And the next one on the list will be the upcoming action-drama Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai will be streaming on ZEEPLEX from May 13.

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