Throwback To The Time When Shruti Haasan Opened Up About Her Plastic Surgery

Shruti Hassan reveals she made enhancements to her face, Shruti stated that she was not worried by an opinion rooted in dissatisfaction or negativity. Read more on why she did it.


September 19, 2021


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Shruti Hassan responded when asked if there was pressure to appear a specific way. The Luck actress used to pay attention to the pressure. In terms of her nose surgery, that was a decision she made. She admitted to succumbing to peer pressure at times but stressed that any cosmetic operation should be entirely up to the individual’s decision. Nobody asked her to take care of it. In terms of fillers, some people told Shruti that her face is very modern, very sharp, and quite manly. She was continuously hearing this and did not want to take the heat anymore. She performed non-invasive, temporary operations, which she has made public.

Shruti emphasized that, while she does not advocate for plastic surgery, it is a personal decision. She revealed that any actresses who say they haven’t done it (Plastic surgery) are lying outright since people’s faces don’t alter that much. But that was simply something she wanted to bring up. It is not something she pushes but what she wants to attempt to communicate.

Shruti has previously sent a striking warning to body-shamers who kept on trolling her. While she is unconcerned about it, she stated that she felt compelled to speak out against the continual criticism women face every day. In February this year, she wrote a lengthy Instagram post about letting others be and revealed that she had been under the knife.

When asked if she had been affected by body shaming, Shruti stated that she was not worried by an opinion rooted in dissatisfaction or negativity. However, still, she thought it was something she should talk about because it’s not just her. There is a current trend and a phase in which it is pretty easy to tear a woman’s body based on their bodies. While Shruti advocates body positivity, many actors have come in support of her.

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