Thoorpu Padamara: There’s a lot to learn from Shruti and Laya’s friendship, isn’t there?

Shruti and Laya, from Thoorpu Padamara, are like the two sides of a coin. They cannot live without each other, and they also give each other a tough time. That’s how their friendship is!

Sneha Bale

September 8, 2020


1 min


In Thoorpu Padaramara, the two main leads metaphorically define the title perfectly well. One of Zee Telugu’s new shows, it revolves around the life of Shruti and Laya. They grow up in different households and in different financial conditions. Yet, they find solace with each other. Soon, the two best friends get married to siblings, Gopi and Rocky. When it seemed like the wedding would turn out to be a retreat for the best friends, fate took another turn. Now, they have a tough time living with and without each other. And each day, they teach us a lot about friendships.

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