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#ThisIsMe: Inspirational Individuals From The LGBTQ+ Community Talk About Their Real Love Stories In This Exclusive Chat

Shrudi Shyam

March 20, 2021

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After watching Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra’s The Married Woman, we got in touch with a few beautiful souls who had a similar journey to share. Check out these amazing individuals and their unconventional story of finding love.

Love is beyond all boundaries! And that’s exactly what The Married Woman‘s story tries to convey. Set in 1992, this ZEE5 Original focuses on the lives of Astha (Ridhi Dogra) and Peeplika(Monica Dogra) and their journey of finding love and solace in each other. Although Astha finds love and freedom in Peeplika, will she be able to fight against societal conditioning and say #ThisIsMe?

Get a sneak-peek into Astha and Peeplika’s lives in this trailer of The Married Woman:

While Astha and Peeplika were truly inspirational, many individuals like them are fighting the same battle. We got in touch with some amazing individuals from the LGBTQ community in an exclusive chat on their journey. Here’s what the had to say:

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Atulan Purohit and Divesh Tolani

Atulan and Divesh are an openly gay couple. Dancers by profession, they also have an adorable page on Instagram called, ‘honey.imm.home’. When talking about love they were quoted saying, “The best people come into your life when you don’t listen to others’ opinions, and those people stay when you fight those opinions!” They also mentioned that they have always believed that their love is worth fighting for. “It’s so rare that you meet someone who understands you on a deeper level. And gender in-front of that is just a mere excuse.” added the lovely couple.

Well, we definitely agree with them. And when the love is so pure, it automatically gives the strength to fight against any barriers.

Atulan and Divesh
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Aman Bhargava

Aman Bhargava is a software developer by profession. Talking about his experience of falling in love, Aman said that he met his boyfriend, Anirudh, when he was going through a tough phase with his ex. They met for the first time at the Mumbai pride march and instantly felt a connection. Anirudh accepted Aman even when the latter was with his ex. Revealing about the same, Aman was quoted saying, “I couldn’t talk to anyone, as most of the crowd still thinks polyamory as taboo.” Although they faced a lot of obstacles, they overcame them together and are now exclusively dating each other. Aman says they still face judgement being a gay couple, but now all he says is #ThisIsMe.

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Yash Punjabi

A researcher by profession, Yash is currently single. Although talking about his experience of being in love, Yash said, “I started dating my partner Farhad in June 2013 and it ended in September 2019. He belonged to a very orthodox Muslim family, and although initially there was resistance, eventually they accepted him and me nonetheless.”

If they can convince Farhad’s parents to accept them the way they are, so can you. Just stand up to the society and say #ThisIsMe, take it or leave it.

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Animesh Chaudhary

Animesh is a UI UX Designer by profession and is currently single. Talking about how being gay is taken by his family, Animesh says, “My mom, despite knowing that I’m gay, was talking about my marriage today. I paid no heed to it. As for me, it’s my way or highway.” One can definitely learn how to live life on their own terms from Animesh.

Also, doesn’t that remind you of Chandni’s mom from Dev DD 2 trying to get her married despite knowing that she’s lesbian and is in love with Radha?

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Ashish Pandya

Ashish works as a lead strategist at a genomics company. While talking about finding love, Ashish said, “It took a long time for me to overcome the societal barriers to accept myself hence it is taking a while to find love. The whole heteronormative concept is so strongly fitted that you try and fit yourself even if you don’t want to.” He also added that he is definitely trying to find love and has met some amazing people on the journey, though probably at the wrong time. Ashish is hopeful about finding love and says, “Someday I’ll find someone who would say that he’d want to grow old with me.”

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Rushabh Dhruv

An entertainment journalist by profession, Rushabh is an out and proud gay guy. Talking about his relationship of two years, Rushabh says, “It was the most surreal experience of my life. We broke up mutually, as he wasn’t ready for marriage. However, he was a gem of a person and never shied away from accepting me in public.” When asked about his family’s reaction to his sexual orientation, Rushabh said that the initial journey was bumpy. “When I came out to them, they thought it’s a disease. But after 3-4 months, they understood what I was going through and now it’s all chilled at home.”

Rushabh is truly an inspiration for how one should live their lives without being bounded by societal barriers.

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These amazing individuals definitely inspired us to stand up to the society and shout out to the world that #ThisIsMe!

Watch The Married Woman on ZEE5.

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