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Thirumathi Hitler: As AJ Proposes Marriage To Hasini, Few Reasons To Believe That They Are Ideal For Each Other

Bhavna Gandikota

February 7, 2021

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As AJ from Thirumathi Hitler asks Hasini to marry him, here’s why we think that they will make for a great couple!

As AJ from Thirumathi Hitler proposed to Hasini and asked her to get married to him, it took everyone by surprise, but we think that they would make a great couple even with all the differences that they have. Although Hasini calls AJ, ‘Hitler’, he is really not as strict as they think of him. He went out of his way to save Swetha from Badri and then got rid of Badri. In the short span that Hasini has known him, they have had fights, but he is always there for Hasini at the end of the day.
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AJ might not show it but he is starting to warm up to Hasini. On the other hand, Hasini is playful and chirpy but is also mature at the same time. She tactfully planned to get rid of Badri, without giving her parents any of the tension. She even handled her sister, and put her ego aside when it was needed. Hasini has time and again showed how she handles problems maturely, which is a quality that we admire in her.
This is why we think that AJ and Hasini would make a great pair if they gave each other the chance. AJ will learn to smile more often and enjoy his life, while Hasini will grow mature. We can’t wait for the pair to get together and define couple goals for us because they would be absolutely perfect for each other.
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