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Daughter’s Day: 10 Daughter Moments That Completely Melted Our Hearts #UffYehLadki

Mahima Maniar

September 26, 2020

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Six shows that will make you go #UffYehLadki for your bubbly daughters.

Daughter’s Day is celebrated to cherish a daughter. Aaj Ki Beti is a force to reckon with. Daughters are the best gift one can get. They might be innocent and naïve, but when the situation demands them to be mature, they stand to the occasion like responsible adults. Their undying affection for their family is unparalleled.

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Let us take a look at six shows on ZEE5 that honours daughters and sets an example for us to look up to them.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

Kalyani’s (Reem Shaik) treats her aai Anupriya (Poorva Gokhale) like she is her own mother. Amidst all mother-daughter skirmishes, we know how much Kalyani loves and cares for her mother. Since Anupriya had been alone for a long time, she tries to find her a suitor, which upsets her mother who worries about log kya kahenge. Kalyani gathers a crowd and asks everyone in the village whether they had any problem with Anupriya getting remarried. Anupriya always has the reaction #UffYehLadki for all of Kalyani’s amusing tactics. This turns out to be her best moment primarily because she understands her mother and tries to find a partner for her which is a rare sight.

Madhuri and Kalyani share a beautiful and friendly bond. Kalyani has always been a very open-minded girl who wants to change the narrow perception of society. She urges her mother to buy dresses, something which is not widely accepted outside. When a guy stares at her mother, Kalyani is quick to come to her defence and tells him off.

Bitti Business Wali

Bitti aspires to be an independent woman. She also strives to bring gender equality at home for her sisters-in-law. Her happiness lies in her family’s happiness. The best moment in Bitti Business Wali is when she gets her first salary. She remembers her mother and distributes money among her family members so they can buy anything according to their liking. This is what gives her immense joy.

When a wedding proposal comes for Bitti, she decides to meet them. However, the family, who otherwise claimed themselves to be modern, were far from being broad-minded. When Bitti says that she would want to complete her education and become a teacher, the guy scorns at this thought. He tells her about the parampara of his family where women do not work. But the clear-headed Bitti proposes that either she will work or the groom will have to pay her a household allowance in the form of a salary. This thought, which sets Bitti apart from the rest, irks the chauvinist guy.

Afsar Bitiya

While Krishna was giving her interview, a few protestors barge in and start chanting slogans. However, Krishna handles this situation with utmost maturity. She asks them to submit their grievances to the education board and not in front of the panel of interviewers. The latter get impressed with how she handled the situation and praise her efficiency. This moment sets precedent for the many other issues that Krishna solves after she becomes an IAS officer.

Krishna from Afsar Bitiya studies day in and day out, only to realise her dream of becoming an IAS officer. When everyone is asleep, she studies at night under the light of a lamp burning on her study table. A figment of her imagination dreams of Krishna becoming an officer and arriving with lots of gifts for all her family members. She brings presents that her family could not afford earlier. But she wants to shower them with happiness now. Krishna has a special gift for her father, who had supported her through thin=ck and thin. She giftshim the keys to a new car and he embraces her for bringing the family pride and joy.

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta (Shraddha Arya), a simple girl from a small town, meets her mother in Mumbai and comes to know of the debt she is in. To save her family, Preeta decides to help her mother by hook or by crook. Both the sisters are very caring when it comes to protecting their family’s dignity. Preeta even works at the Luthra house and listens to Kareena’s taunts and harsh words, but with the motive of helping her mother, she doesn’t back away. All mothers must have had this one moment of #UffYehLadki which Sarla just experienced!

Shrishti shows how procrastination can get the better of us. Sarla delegates her to get some vegetables from the market, but she feels so drowsy and lazy that she asks her sister Preeta to do the work. Sarla’s consistent effort to tell Shrishti to get the work done goes in vain. Ultimately, she pleads Preeta and she agrees to it. Everyone has a good laugh from this.

Hitler Didi

Rishi and Indira (Rati Pandey) save Ishaan who was locked in a car in Munna’s garage. With the responsibility to feed a family of six, Ishaan’s disappearance added to her troubles. When Indira had to throw Munna out as he was indulging in thievery, Ishaan was upset with her. But it took her a lot of courage to cast him out, which shows us how strong Indira is.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan

This is the best moment that shows all the four daughters growing up, each involved in her own element. While Sarawati loved cooking, Durga is absorbed in her book; and while Gauri’s innocence is a reflection of her pure soul, the bubbly-natured Lakshmi is out there chasing balloons and colours on the festive occasion of Holi. When their mother Savitri tells Saraswati that they received a wedding proposal for her, Durga could understand her feelings. It is this understanding among the sisters that keep the show a lively one.

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