Taana Trailer: Yuvaraj Subramani’s Directorial Debut Will Leave You In Splits

What happens when one adversity laughs at your face after the other? Watch the trailer for Taana to find out.

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November 18, 2020

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While Bollywood has lately been riddled with movies where the protagonist is far from perfection and closer to reality, the same has been long overdue in the Tamil film industry. With Taana, Yuvaraj Subramani breaks the silence. The protagonist of the film deals with a condition called ‘Puberphonia’, a condition that makes his voice high pitched and feminine when he is nervous and tensed. Puberphonia is a rare condition that only affects one in a million people.

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What’s the plot and cast?

The Lock Up actor Vaibhav plays, Sakthi who is an aspiring police officer diagnosed with Puberphonia. Hillarious in every scene, his dialogues will have you in splits as soon as the trailer starts. Sakthi comes from a family of police officers and intends on continuing the tradition because he finds glory in the police uniform. However, soon in the story, Puberphonia is the least of his concerns. Once he encounters a supernatural entity, the story takes the turn towards a horror romantic comedy.

The movie also stars the Kolamavu Kokkila actor, Yogi Babu who plays the role of Dooma. Needless to say, the actor puts forth an amazingly hilarious performance as a trusted accomplice to the adventures in the movie. The Devi +2 actress Nandita Swetha looks as stunning as ever as Nivetha, Sakthi’s love interest. Eventually, Sakthi overcomes this condition only to embark on a scary adventure proving to us that a laugh riot awaits us.

While the members of the cast already have a proven body of work that marks them commendable, Yuvaraj Subramani makes a promising debut with the horror romantic comedy Taana.

From romance to comedy and horror, Taana is the perfect watch for a weekend binge. The movie features music from the MamaKiki music director, Vishal Chandrashekhar and premieres on November 19, 2020

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