Some unknown facts: The effervescent Shruti Haasan’s life has a lot more to it than what you know

There are some less unknown facts related to Shruti Haasan’s life, which may surprise you that, she is full of talent and possess multi-skills. We brought for you such facts about this diva. Keep scrolling down!


September 25, 2021


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Shruti Haasan is a Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil actress who has primarily acted in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil films. Shruti Hasaan began her career as a performer in 1999 and is presently regarded as one of South Indian cinema’s leading actresses. She is most recognised for her parts in the films “Luck,” “Oh My Friend,” and “Race Gurram”. In addition to acting, Shruti Haasan is a well-known playback singer. Despite the fact that she is a famous actress, there are many aspects of her life that people are unaware of.

She studied psychology

Shruti Haasan is well-known for her acting abilities as well as her attractiveness. She is, nonetheless, an extremely educated woman. She attended the Lady Andal School in Chennai before transferring to St. Andrew’s College in Mumbai to pursue a degree in psychology.

In school, she used a fictitious name

Shruti Haasan allegedly used a fictitious name at school, according to India Today. This was done in order for her to stay unknown and for no one to realise she was related to a famous family. Pooja Ramchandran was her chosen name. By doing so, she was able to keep her true identity hidden from her classmates, who were persuaded to believe she did not come from a well-known family.

She is a multilingual woman

Shruti Haasan is a multi-talented woman, as seen by her work as an actress, singer, musician, and screenwriter. She, on the other hand, possesses a wide range of skills that are unrelated to her job in the music and film sectors. She is multilingual and can speak eight languages, which is a little-known fact about this talented woman. Her bilingual abilities have served her well in many roles throughout her career.

She has born to well-known parents

Shruti hails from a huge family of performers, therefore she isn’t the only one with ability in her family. Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur, both actors, are her parents. Akshara, her younger sister, is also an actor. Suhasini Maniratnam and Anu Haasan, Shruti’s cousins, both work in the entertainment sector. In addition, her uncles Charu and Chandra Haasan both engage in the film industry as actors and producers.

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