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Sembaruthi: Purushottam Thinks Akhila and Parvathi Are Too Similar, Do You Agree?

Bhavna Gandikota

January 7, 2021

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There might be a lot of differences between Sembaruthi’s Akhila and Parvathi, but there are a few traits that are just too similar to ignore!

When we think of the two, we might aways end up recollecting the polar opposite traits that Akhilandeswari and Parvathi possess. The former has strong opinions on everything while the latter is relatively more easygoing. When we think of these women from Sembaruthi, we would rarely imagine that someone would call them similar. However, you will find that in many walks of life, the two are similar just like Purushottam mentioned.

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To begin with, both Parvathi and Akhilandeswari have very strong morals when it comes to what is right and wrong. While many might turn their heads away, Parvathi and Akhila, both try to make things right in their own sense. When Akhila saw a police officer misbehaving with a constable, she didn’t think that it wasn’t her job to speak up. Instead, she actually went ahead and slapped him.

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Another aspect that unites these two is their love for their families. Akhila might not have been talking to Adithya but as soon as she found him in front of her, she broke down and embraced her son. Her love for her family is unmatched and cannot be disputed. While Akhila is always vocal about her love for her family, this is something that we see in Parvathi too. As soon as she heard that a pooja could save Akhila, she performed it even when there was a threat to her own life.

As Purushottam rightly said, they also maintain their individuality and are not gullible at all. It is their sense of individuality that brings a great deal of commonality in the two and we would love for Akhila to understand this and accept Parvathi because she is the perfect for the family!

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