Scenic Backdrops From The Film Raambo 2 That Will Inspire You To Hit The Road Now

If you’ve been waiting to take a road trip but haven’t found the motivation yet, watch these beautiful picturesque views in this comedy-thriller.

Parinika Uchil

April 21, 2019


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Road trips belong to a different category of vacationing as these concentrate on the memories made while on the road, rather than the actual destination. Director Anil Kumar wanted to make his film Raambo 2 relatable to the viewers, so this drama packed thriller-comedy is something you cannot miss. The lead duo Sharan and Ashika have also nailed their roles to the bone.

Sharan and Chikkanna’s combo of comedy can be viewed in the film here:

For the most part of the movie, the shooting locations were outdoors, mainly highways. In all honesty, to get passage into adulthood, this should be on every individual’s bucket list as road trips are simply mind-blowing. If we are getting into specifics, road trips are awesome because you get to do fun stuff with your pals, like clicking pictures of the view or having snacks from small local stalls.

Remember Drinking Coconut Water On Your Roadtrips
Sharan In A Still From Raambo 2

Remember the time when Krishna and Mayuri stopped mid-way to drink some refreshing coconut water? By stopping on the highway like this, you could probably set a course for a new adventure.

Windmills Are So Amazing To See From Afar
Sharan, Ashika And Chikkanna In A Still From Raambo 2

Have you ever stopped to see the wonder of windmills on your way to someplace, set atop hills and moving slowly thanks to the wind? Or those empty barren landscapes which indulge you into the deeper meaning of life. For Krishna, DJ and Mayuri, they got to see such a beautiful place but with the cost of their life, well almost.

A Solo Trip On Such Empty Landscapes Instill A Sense Of Peace
A Still From Raambo 2

What about a road trip amidst open grasslands and no one else around? The silence is so peaceful.

A Group Trip Is Even Better
A Still Of Sharan, Ashika And Chikkanna In The Film

Of course, if you have some company, it gets more interesting, right?

Any Kind Of Brings Make You Feel Elated Somehow
A Still From The Film Raambo 2

Do going over bridges make you extra-zealous? I personally love bridges and the feeling I get while crossing over. Makes me feel like a higher being of some sort.

A Scenic View From The Film Raambo 2
A Still From The Film

When tall and beautiful coconut trees encompass the skies above you, while you drive or ride through from below, how do you feel? The open grasslands are so inviting that you might just want to run wild into the fields without thinking twice.

Long road journeys are fun because of the unlimited discoveries and adventures waiting for you throughout the way. Krishna and Mayuri found their adventure in the form of DJ in Raambo 2, making it the perfect blend of the cast. Road trips are for all those who want to take a breather from their hectic schedules.

Were you mesmerised by these backdrops? Have you ever taken a road trip? Feel free to share your comments and thoughts with us in the box below with #ILoveRoadTrips #Raambo2

If Chikkanna’s comedy is your favourite, watch him in Hebbuli, starring Kiccha Sudeep and Amala Paul.

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