Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Next Singing Icon: When choreographers Jani Master and Baba Bhaskar went crazy on the stage

Too many good performances that shouldn’t be missed! We’re here to tell you all that happened in the second Face-Off Round episode, in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: The Next Singing Icon.

Sneha Bale

January 10, 2021


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In one of the early episodes in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: The Next Singing Icon, some singers faced their partners and tried to be the best of the lot. After some powerful performances by Pawan Kalyan and Ananya, Sai Sameera and Abhilash, Ganesh and Lakshmi Gayatri, it is time to see what the next lot has to offer. So far, team leaders, Revanth, Soni, Saketh and Harika had the chance to showcase what their singers could do. Now, let’s see what the other four gurus had trained their singer for.

Watch the full episode here or read the highlights below:

The show was opened with an energetic entry of Jani Master and Baba Bhaskar Master. The two amazing choreographers brought their craziness to the musical show. It all started by singing a rap song about the impact that their presence would make on the singers. Later, the real show began with Teja and Swapnika, from Raghuram’s team. Teja passed with flying colours at 86% while Swapnika managed to score only 67%.

Next, Damini sent Damini her singer, Sai Priya 89 and Balaji to take over the stage. They set the aura that changed the mood of the judges and impressed everyone present around. When it was time for Venkat Chaitanya and Yasashwi from Saketh’s team, expectations were set high. But it is safe to say that they skyrocketed their way through our expectations, and did not disappoint. They even got a seat in the gold zone with 90.1 and 91%, respectively.

Jani Master in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Next Singing Icon Ep. 8
Jani Master in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Next Singing Icon Ep. 8 (Source: ZEE5)

Finally, Prudhvi sent Yuti 90.1 and Bharat 90 after a long wait. But as always, the best was kept for the last. The two young and talented singers gained the first standing ovation with their entwined talents. Lastly, it was time for Jani Master to showcase his singing skills, which came as a sweet surprise. This dancer can sing and hit the right notes too.

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